by BACC Rag staff

Battle of the Sexes: Which gender is more open to homosexual guys?

Girlʼs View

Well I believe through my point of view that we girls are
more likely to accept gay guys. I mean yea some of us
might have problems with the fact that theyʼre gay but that
shouldnʼt affect our friendship. Itʼs their choice to follow
theyʼre sexual orientation. I know that itʼs difficult for some
people to come out and tell their friends that they are gay.
True friends are friends that wont care if youʼre gay; they
should love you for the whole you not just half of you. I
would accept my friend no matter what they are. I wouldnʼt
care if theyʼre gay, itʼs their choice and as long as their
happy then I should be happy for them as well.
by Katherine Ortiz


Guys’ View

I think that girls are more open-minded about homosexual
guys then guys are. Donʼt get me wrong, I donʼt think thereʼs anything
wrong or have anything against homosexual guys, but in general guys
donʼt seem to like gay guys. I know for a fact that girls are more openminded
then guys. For example, most guys call each other gay as an
insult, and guys get offended because they are being made fun of. Obviously
guys donʼt like being called gay because it used as a derogatory
term and is meant to make the person feel ridiculed. I once read an article
which said that some guys will call someone else gay because
they actually fear being gay themselves. It is interesting that girls on
the other hand donʼt seem to use the word gay as an insult. I have
heard some girls actually say that they want gay friends. I think this is
because they stereotypically are known to be interested in things that
girls like, such as fashion and hairstyles. Personally, I think the most
important thing is the way a person treats someone, not the way a person
looks or acts. By Mark Liubicich


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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