by BACC Rag staff

Cheating on Your Homework Banned

According to Websterʼs dictionary, cheating means “to deal with dishonesty for oneʼs own gain.” Academically, it means to represent someone elseʼs work as yours. You can have someone else do your work for you, copy from a person, or even paraphrase an essay done by your friend; it is still called cheating.

Cheating on homework assignments is something that a kid does at one point or another during their time in school. Cheating shows someoneʼs inability to complete their work on time, and it represents bad study habits among students. Cheating will not get you very far, and it will hurt you more than it helps. Since students learn and get used to relying on others for work, it will be harder to get back on their own feet. This will be appar­ent in their test grades, where cheating is not a viable option.

The act of cheating has been around for generations, but the number of people who do it has increased in the years passed. This is because of many different rea­sons. One is that students today have access to many more things, since we have easy access to a computer with Internet. With the Internet, pupils can easily re­search and copy information from the internet. Students can also easily email each other their homework assign­ments.

Another very common cause of cheating is procrasti­nation. With computers, Xboxʼs, PlayStationʼs and other entertainment systems, students tend lose track of their work, and play games or go on social websites like My-Space and Facebook instead.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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