by Olivia M '11

Mean Girl Syndrome

Whenever you imagine a bully, you usu­ally see a big, tough boy bullying other guys that are helpless and smaller than he is but that is not the only type of bullying that is happening these days. One of the most popular type of bullying these days is girl bullying. These girl bullies donʼt have fist fights or steal each otherʼs milk money like guys do, instead they “spread rumors, gos­sip, exclude others, share secrets, and tease girls about their appearance, clothes, and ability to do things.

In order to find out the characteristics of bullies I went on a website and it said that most girl bullies: “• Have friends that do what she wants them to do. • She can argue anyone down, including friends, peers, teachers and parents.• Her comments about other girls are about the lame things they did. • She doesnʼt want to invite everyone to her birthday party, and if she does, she ignores some. • Sheʼs charming to adults. • She makes other girls feel “anointed” by declar­ing them special friends. • She is affectionate to one person to show rejec­tion of another, like throwing her arms dramati­cally around one girl to emphasize the exclusion of another. • She does not take responsibility when she hurts anotherʼs feelings.• She seeks revenge when she feels wronged.”

These are some characteristics that you may find in a bully, but a bullyʼs characteristics can also be the total opposite of these of charac­teristics because they all act differently but one thing that is common in both types of girl bullies is that they both enjoy making people feel horri­ble.

Girl bullying doesnʼt seem as harsh as guy bullying because fist fights arenʼt as com­mon with girls as they are with guys but the ru­mors, gossip, and teasing can do just as much harm as physical fighting. Some consequences of girl bullying are drop in grades, low self es­teem, depression, anorexia, drug use and alco­hol abuse. A few words may not really hurt a guyʼs feelings but girls take things more person­ally and if people tease a girl and say things that arenʼt true about her, she might take it to heart and will do anything to improve herself and to fit in with everyone else, no matter what she has to do.

Next time you see a girl bullying an­other girl stand up for the victim, whether or not sheʼs your friend because girl bullying can really mess up a girl especially when she wants to im­prove herself so the bullies wonʼt pick on her and so she can fit in with the crowd.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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