by BACC Rag staff

Mr. Powell, the new PE teacher

Mr. Powell is one of two physical educa­tion teachers here at Baccalaureate School for Global Education. This is the first year for Mr. Powell working here at BSGE. It is also Mr. Powellʼs first year working as a physical educa­tion teacher. We donʼt know that much about him since he is new at the school and many of us havenʼt had him as a teacher yet, so I went to interview him to find out what he likes and other interesting facts.

Mr. Powellʼs full name is Jacques Pow­ell, which means he doesnʼt have a middle name. Mr. Powell became a physical education teacher for two reasons. The first reason he became a physical education was because he got cut from the New York Knicks and he thought the next best thing was to help out kids. The second reason for becoming a phys ed teacher was because he is extremely competi­tive and likes to win. Anyone who has him as a teacher knows this is true by the way he likes to torture us inside the rink. The reason Mr. Pow­ell came to Baccalaureate School for Global Education was because our school has the greatest kids. Mr. Powell plans on being a physical education teacher for as long as he lives, as he said “P.E. for life.” He will stop teaching physical education only if his movie ca­reer kicks off.

Mr. Powellʼs favorite sport is basketball,and his favorite basketball team is the NY Knicks. His favorite basketball player is Patrick Ewing, the 7 ft. tall former Knicks player who was an 11 time NBA All-Star. His favorite base­ball team is the New York Mets, and his favorite baseball player is Mookie Wilson a switch-hitter who once played for the Mets. Mr. Powellʼs fa­vorite football team is the New York Giants, and his favorite football player is .Lawrence Taylor. Taylor is a retired Hall of Fame football player who was once on the New York Giants, and is considered to be the greatest defensive player of all times.

Mr. Powell, like Mr. Mac, would have no problem going out with a girl who has a mohawk hairstyle. Mr. Powell said he would go out with a girl who has a mohawk only if she has a cute smile and doesnʼt have a mustache. Mr. Powell works out four days a week here at Baccalaure­ate School for Global Education, as well as at home. His favorite workout routine is Tae Bo.

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