by BACC Rag staff

Sugar and Spice

A column for girls by a girl, about the creatures we share classrooms with called…BOYS!

In my last article, I mentioned the fact that boys want to be bad boys so wewill like them. In this article I am going to elaborate on that by talking about boys on Myspace. People are always talking about how girls need to be careful on the inter­net, with showing their picture and stuff,but what about these boys, with these top­less supposedly “gangsta” pictures. Iʼm sorry but there are some nasty pedophiles out there skipping all the girlsʼ pictures and looking for a nice ripe 13 or 14 year old boy they could fantasize about in the shower. All you nasties need to stop with the foolishness and get real. Okay you think youʼre fine and everything. You may be cute, but a close up of what you think are abs is not. Nobody wants to see your saggy little stomach hanginʼ out of your cheap Ecko jeans.

The logo for Myspace is: My­space, a space for friends. I get that, itʼs a place for people to get together without leaving the comfort of their homes, thatʼs nice and everything. It makes Myspace sound like a family friendly place, but does a bunch of pictures of scrawny 13 year old boys in practically their draws sound G­rated enough to show to little Suzie. I DONʼT THINK SO! But if it does to you Good Luck!

It seems as if Myspace has taken over the world. I canʼt even sing a song without some idiot telling me itʼs old be­cause no one plays it on Myspace any­more. I donʼt care, maybe they donʼt play it on their page anymore because they got tired of it, it doesnʼt mean itʼs old. Even though this column about boys I have to criticize you girls too. I know you know that pedophiles lurk through Myspace like a fat kid in Baskin Robins, but think about your classmates and friends, do you reallythink I want to see my partner from dance class in boy shorts? Not really. How would you feel if your parents saw your pictures? I donʼt think daddy wants to see his little girlʼs porn debut on Myspace. Iʼm sorry to turn against you like this girls but I had to call you out on your foolish actions. As girls we should carry ourselves with class and dignity to fulfill our roles as the supe­rior gender. We shouldnʼt be using our milkshake to bring all the boys to the yardon Myspace. We need to train ourselves from now so that when we grow up we arenot remembered as that girl on Myspacewho showed everyone her “treats”, be­cause one day the Myspace hype is going to pass ( this is for the boys and girls) along with Youtube and you are going call it stupid and “old” even though right now it is where you guys are showing the world the “cookies you have in the cookie jar”.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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