by Kristen S '11

Teens Need Exercise

For many teens in America today, running a suicide on the basketball court could be a real hassle, and have them lose their breath fast. This is a problem for a lot of kids, especially these days. Today, the amount of overweight kids has doubled since 30 years ago. That, obviously, is not good, and this epidemic is becoming more problematic than it ever has been. Many people blame it on the greasy foods that children are eating instead of homemade meals, or the fattening sweets that take over the closets rather than fresh fruits being stored in the refrigerator. That is part of the problem, but it is not including a very impor­tant factor, which is exercise. People of today are not making sure that their kids are receiving the correct amount of exercise every day. The target amount of exercise for kids ages 2 and up is actually around 1hour most or every day of the week. There is not too much of an excuse for people to use either. They should not be allowing their kids to sit around all day. According to the Krasier Family Foundation, kids spend up to 5 1⁄2 hours a day on media, meaning that in­stead of keeping healthy and fit, they are just keeping themselves up to par on the lat­est reality T.V. show.

Children that donʼt get enough exer­cise every day can also tend to feel more stressed and worse about themselves. Not only will they tend to keep on much more weight because of the many calories being taken in and not burned, but also the release of endorphins that exercise gives is like a boost of happiness. Endorphins are re­leased through many different types of exer­cise, including aerobic exercises, like swim­ming, gymnastics, basketball, etc., which are often recommended for kids and adults. Kids are supposed to be active often, and not re­stricted to one time a day of exercise. Accord­ing to, a school age child is supposed to be active at least every 2 hours, something that is not made possible at many schools, some which only have gym once a week.

To go along with the exercise, a proper diet is also very necessary for a child to remain healthy. Eliminating very fatty foods will helpthe child be able to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle. Learning from a youngage how to take care of yourself will encourage staying as healthy as possible in the future.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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