by Kristen S '11

The Burden for Boys

You always hear warnings for girls. Donʼt get pregnant, be strong, no abortion, no sex for you and worst of all, WHATʼS WRONG WITH YOU? Conver­sations always go something like, “how could she get pregnant? Her life is ruined forever.”

Iʼd just like to remind boys, girls and society in general that sex is a two way street and guys play a part in baby making too. So why donʼt they share the responsibility? Boys donʼt seem to get the blame but itʼs half their doing.

If itʼs going to ruin the girlʼs life shouldnʼt it ruin the boyʼs life to? The sad truth is that society doesnʼt expect the boy to step up and be a man.

Therefore Iʼd like to remind all boys that youʼve got some responsibility too. It begins at the beginning, sex. Itʼs also part your responsibility to make sure you practice safe sex. Then when the baby is born youʼve got more to do. You have to be financially responsible. Youʼve got to change dia­pers, make money, take care of the kid and love the baby. The point is, men/boys you canʼt just do what­ever. You need to realize that the baby will be part yours to so be responsible and practice safe sex.

Cell phones are something that people really want to hold on to when they are doing something that they feel their loved ones should be notified about. Like, maybe a grandchild is being born, and you want to call your cousin to tell them the good news from thehospital room you just donʼt want to leave because of your happi­ness. Or maybe there could be a situation like your plane landing after a dangerous flight, and youwant to hear your momʼs calm, soothing voice to help you get offto a good start on vacation. Things like this are really impor­tant to a person, but are restricted. I always wondered why we arenʼt allowed to use cell phones in situ­ations like this, because it not onlyis an inconvenience, but is also a very nerve racking thing if you are in situations where you are nerv­ous.

When it comes to hospitals, thingsmay seem to make more sense asto why they are unable to use cell phones. There is a lot of equip­ment in hospitals that cell phones can easily interfere with. The truth of the matter is that there is not much of a chance that the cell phones will specifically interfere with equipment. The cell phones would have to be very close in order for a machine to be suscep­tible to a technical difficulty ac­cording to many studies. The interference will generally go away when the phone is moved away or turned off. The bans that many hospitals have on cell phones are usually not very well enforced due to the effects of machine opera­tions being very uncommon. Per­sonally, I think that even though it is a huge inconvenience to have to walk in and out of the hospitals to contact loved ones, I donʼt think that risking another personʼs health should have to be at stake.

The Federal Communications Commission (F. C. C.) put a stop to using cellular devices on air­borne planes because of how they can interfere with communications that the plane has with the ground, which is very necessary. It can also have an effect on the naviga­tional systems that the plane uses to make sure that it is on the right route. These types of risks are very serious, because when something goes wrong with a plane, these types of systems arenecessary to help ensure passen­ger safety. With few exceptions, this ban also applies to many other portable electronic devices. There are good reasons for the in­conveniences that we experience through out the day, but handling them can be a real hassle. We have to remember that we should try to abide by rules as much as we possibly can, because it will re­ally make a difference in what can happen in the near future. By Kristen Spang


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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