by Jolijt T '11

The Music Concert

On Thursday, May 31, 2007 BSGE had its semian­nual music and dance performance. You could taste the thick layer of excitement and nerves the whole school day.

Mr. Sam Ulano, a well-known drum teacher, attended the concert. We asked him what he thought about the talent at our school. He replied, “Iʼm always amazed at what young people can do. If youʼre noticing, they have talent. Now we need to know how to develop that talent.” He compared music to a suit. According to Mr. Ulano, you need to know the size of your suit before you can get into the pinstripes. “Music is mathematics, many people are unaware of that. Itʼs a math problem. Anybody who is studying music should learn the math behind it. Then the melodic part becomes easy.”

At 6:30, the concert began with a short introduction from Rachael Ryan from the Helping Hands Committee. The money is going to “Charity Is”. Charity Is is an orginazation that aims to provide clean drinking water to the 1.1 billion people who donʼt have acess. Through BSGEʼs talent show we already raised $807!!

The theme for the night was World Music and the first country represented was Spain. Sabrina Melendez played “Granada” on the flute. Ms. Erin Rogers accompanied her on the piano. The piece was beautifully played. Sabrinaʼs solo parts were amazing and she got two rounds of applause.

After Spain came music from the Chech Republic. Sarah Diaz played a solo piece on the alto saxophone with Ms. Erin Rogers on the piano. The piece was by Anton Dvo­rak and it was titled “Romantic Piece” The title was fitting; the piece was strong and very beautiful at the same time. The piano and saxophone complemented each other beautifully.

Finally we hit music from the USA. “Scarborough Fair” was played by Anca Dragou and accompanied by Ms. Erin Rodgers. The piece started slowly but soon became a story that reminded me of a sleek version of Robin Hood. Very nice Anca!!

Then the seventh graders danced and boy could they dance. The music came from street performers. Ms. Jacksonthought they sounded interesting so she bought their CDs. Then she choreographed a really cool dance piece for the seventh graders. It was totally awesome!! It was exciting, fast and fun.

After the seventh graders, a few tenth graders cameto the stage. They danced a piece they learned at a New York City Ballet Workshop. It was elegant and very smooth.

We went back to traveling the world through music with a wonderfully played piece. Marta Checko played Beethovenʼs Piano Sonatain C with skill I havenʼt seen be­fore. Then came another piano performance by Aditya Niha­lani. His began slowly and it sounded like classical music but suddenly it became a mix of jazz, rock and whatever other music there is. It was really amazingly hip and classical at the same time.

Then came the BSGE Percussion Ensembles. They were accompanied and conducted by Diana Nikkolos and Malorie Mo. They had great rhythm and impressive beat. I en­joyed all of their combination of drum pads, tambourines and every other instrument under the sun. There were drums from Greece and the piece was titled “To Rinaki” and then “High School Cadets” from the USA. Then class 10-2 played Polka Dots. In the ensemble “Polka Dots”, they added Latin instru­ments with interesting solos. “March Two” actually sounded like a march. And then class 10-1 played “George M. Cohen” by Wally Barnett, a riveting ensemble. They ended the night with “Summoning The Spirits” from Japan. It was the perfect end to the night. It was exciting, fast, fun and played well. By Jolijt Tamanaha


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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