by Jolijt T '11

Yearbook Review

I previewed the 2007 yearbook, Unscripted 2. This new and improved follow up to last yearʼs Unscripted is sure to be a hit. It was designed by Virge and the yearbook staff.Each grade has 3 pages. Many grades include pictures of everyone. Each grade had a themeand every grade did a good job of representing itself in the yearbook. My favorite theme was 9th gradeʼs Rock and Roll theme. It was hip and new. I think this new one is the best one yet. Itʼs really good and intersting. Iʼve heard many complaints about the price being to steep. Honestly, for a 30+ page, hardcover and complete color book $75 is not bad. Itʼs beautifully done and holds many memories. I got the 2006 book and evenafter a year when you look back at the pictures you canʼt imagine that that was really what you looked like. One page describes memories sen­iors have. For a school filled with studying nerds our seniors did some crazy stuff. I think this edition is great. I bought last yearʼs and plan on buying every one. Since this one was better than the last I canʼt wait for the next one.


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