by Jolijt T '11

Is the Peace Pole Peaceful?

BSGE students Kari Lind­berg, Amalia Carusone, Erica Lla­nera, Pamela Reyes, Charisse Sanchez, Shaquille K., Matthew M., Kevin Encarnacion, Sophia Bourara, Hannah McFadden, Au­drey Rivera along with Pat Llaneer collaborated with artist Francesca Nikkolos to make our very own peace pole.

In a school with 400 stu­dents and over 100 different spo­ken languages, there needs to be abond that brings us all together.

There needs to be some con­nection that al­lows us to live in harmony. All 400 students here at BSGE are very differ­ent. So how can you repre­sent 400 very different peo­ple in one sculpture? Ac­cording to Francesca Nikkolos, itʼs possible. With

some plexi glass, acrylic paint, makers and tissue paper, we will all be represented on one pole.

The pole is creative to say the least. Itʼs got six sides but itʼs not a hexagon. There is a triangle in the middle with a plexi glass cylin­der surrounding it and a circle on top. There is no other peace pole like it in the world.

Francesca Nikkolos de­signed our peace pole. Ms. Nikko­los is the daughter of our music teacher Mrs. Nikkolos. She was trained as a perfessional artist but now works as a surgical physician. She graduated fromthe UN school in Manhattan with an IB art degree.

Que a paz prevaleca no mundo. Che la pace regni sulla terrra. Ke e teimatoa to rau I aonnaba. Vallitkoon rauha maail­massa. Puisse la paix regner dans le monde. Moge vredeheersen op aarde. May peace prevail on Earth.

Every peace pole says, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” There are more then 200,000 peace poles in 180 different countries. Peace poles are usu­ally placed in the ground but some are indoor poles. Our pole will be an indoor pole in our lobby.

On September 21st, theInternational Day of Peace, we will all gather around our peace pole and spend 12 minutes diss­cusing peace. When people pass the peace pole you should think about what peace means.That way there will always be someone thinking about peace.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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