by BACC Rag staff

10 Tips for Newbs

1. Stay away from Mr.
Mac [ he bites]
2. Love adore, and worship
the school newspaper
3. Do not forget to return
library books because
ms.Shen will hunt you
4. Fighting is for wussies;
go to the girls bathroom
and cry
5. Do not eat tacos at the
chinese place
6. Show some school
spirit and show up for all
7. Do not come as a
belgium waffle to the
halloween party
8. Do not flush your
camera down the toilet[
it hapened once]
9. the big stall in the
second floor girls bathroom
does not lock
10. when faced with
danger… call your
11. Do not forget your
lunch ticket or you will
12. Do all your homework
in tech or you will


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