by Jolijt T '11

10 Ways to Annoy The Whole Train

Try every one of the ring tones
on you phone and then ask the
whole train which one they think
is better.
Gather a few friends and play
human bowling. You can be the
ball and then have your friends
be the pins. Or you can be the
ball and use the fellow commuters
as your pins.
Walk into a full train and then
give your bag its own chair.
Trim you nose hairs while looking
at your reflection in the subway
Climb up the poles and then
slide down all while making siren
sounds and screaming, “I’m a
Every time you get to a stop
scream the name of the station.
Unwrap a really smelly, garlicky
food and eat it very slowly.
Pretend you have service and
start having a loud conversation
on your cell phone about the guy
next to you.
Tell the whole train that Angelina
Jolie adopted you from an orphanage.
Start singing, “I know a song
that gets on everybody’s nerves”
and encourage the other commuters
to join.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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