by Kats T '13

IB What?

What is IB? I BE what? IB stands
for International Baccalaureate, part of The
International Baccalaureate Organization,
or IBO. The IBO deals with education,
government, and separate international organizations
to create challenging curriculums
of international education and intense
review of children. It usually starts at a
young age in a child’s life, and goes on
until college/university. The curriculums or
programs encourage students to understand
that other people, thoughts, and ideas can
be correct, as well as encourage kids to be
active in their global community. They
support students in becoming learners for
life, and valuing the differences of people.
The IB program has three different
levels. The Primary Years Programme
is for 3 to 12 year old IB students, and is
already presented in 369 IBWorld
Schools. This level was created in 1997.
The next level, the Middle Years Programme,
is for 11 to 16 year odds, and is
presented in around 548 IBWorld Schools.
It was created in 1994. The highest level,
The Diploma Programme is for 16 to 19
year odds, and is presented in an astounding
1,594 IBWorld Schools. It was created
in 1970.
BSGE is special. They are the
only IB school in New York City who offer
the IB program to all of its students, not
just the ones in the select advanced classes.
The IB program, like all programs,
has its advantages and disadvantages.
It is said, and often proven, that
colleges will accept an IB student faster
than a regular student. Harvard, for instance,
wrote on their school website, ‘Students
who have earned the International
Baccalaureate (IB) diploma with a grade of
7 on at least three Higher Level examinations
may qualify for Advanced Standing.’
Written on the Comulbia University website,
‘Entering students may be granted 6
points of credit for each score of 6 or 7 on
IB Higher Level Examinations if taken in
disciplines offered as undergraduate programs
at Columbia.’Many other highly
rated schools in America have said the
same about IB applicants.
Another advantage to being IB is
simple: It’s international. There are
roughly 2,075 International Baccalaureate
Schools in 125 different countries across
the globe. So you can move pretty much
anywhere, and still be learning the same
stuff at whatever BSGE you go to.
Though BSGE, of course, cannot
be perfect. Many students claim to be
working way too hard, and the teamwork
approach doesn’t suit everyone. Children
every year switch to more main-stream
schools, rather at the top of a lower class
than at the bottom of a higher class.
So what is IB? IB is us, the thousands
of Baccalaureate students that get up
and go to school every day around the
STUDENTS, part of the
global movement in international education

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