by BACC Rag staff

Subway Safety Tips

1. Do not stare at anybody.
2. Try to take the subway with
friends or a group.
3. While waiting for a train do
not stand to close to the track.
4. Fooling around near the
tracks is not funny, what if you
slip and fall in.
5. Always keep an eye on your
belongings. Keep bags on your
lap or between your legs on
the floor.
6. Keep emergency money in
your bag. Enough to buy a
new metro card.
7. Try not to fall asleep on the
8. Do not make a lot of noise
because you are not the only
one on the train.
9. Always have a spare metro
card in your book bag.
10. Your cell phones do not
work underground. It is wise to
bring quarters to use at a pay
phone just in case of an emergency.
11. Always follow your gut. If
something doesn’t feel right
get up and move.
12. Don’t use the doors in between
the trains. It’s extremely
dangerous and you could get
13. Don’t buy from the guys
with all the lighty things.
14. Don’t take out expensive
jewelry, phones or iPods on
the train.
15. If someone tries to rob you,
give them what they want.
Nothing is worth your life.
16. Don’t eat on the train.
17. If someone is harrasing
you or bothering you find an
MTA worker or a cop.
18. Clean up your mess. No
one wants to commute in your
19. If you get lost find an MTA
worker. Don’t ask strangers.
20. Learn how to read a subway
map before you go alone.
21. Always know where your
going and plan your route.
22. Graffiti is illegal and stupid.
Someone is going to have to
clean it up and it might end up
being you.
23. If you lose your metro card
and you don’t have any money
don’t jump the turnstile. Many
people have been caught and
there is a huge fine. Ask the
guy in the booth. They will usually
let you through.
24. Don’t let people pressure
you into doing stupid things.
25. Relax. There is nothing
scary about the subway

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