by BACC Rag staff

Sugar and Spice

A column for girls by a girl, about how
we should react to our classmates
and teachers on the first day
of school.

The summer has passed and we are all back
together. For some of us that is a great thing, seeing all
our friends again and some of our favorite teachers. For
the rest of us (including me), we are counting down the
days until the next summer. Hopefully all of our summers
were at least halfway decent. But you may question:
How do we rekindle the relationships from least
year, that have been on vacation for almost two
months? Relationships with our teachers and our classmates?
Especially those students and teachers who get
under our skin and make us want to scream. Luckily, I
have all the answers to those questions, because I have
been asking them myself.
For those kids who you were cool with last year,
don’t expect them to be the same this year. A lot of
things can happen in two months. Who knows? Maybe
over the summer your “best bud”, went on vacation to
Europe and found a group of cool kids with cool accents,
accents much cooler than yours. Come on lets
face it, how can you compete with a bunch of kids from
halfway across the world. Maybe you can, but not in
your friend’s eyes. Over the course of two months you
have become a loser, a dork, a herb, an undesirable, a
zero, a nerd, a tagalong, a leech, a fool, and any other
name that represents a person who lost his/her best
friend to someone hundreds of miles away.
How do you deal with a teacher who treats you
like chop liver, even though last year you guys were like
two peas in a pod? Well, if you have tried to talk to them
more than three times already, and you know that they
know that you have tried, its time to recognize that they
don’t want to associate with you right now. You should
move on and focus on your work (ha ha ha !!!) or someone
Who says we have to be friends with our teachers,
they are here to teach and we are here to learn
(some of us). But there are some teachers who not only
teach but also torture. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.
What if you come back this year and they are still picking
on you or worse, have suddenly become nice to
you? How do you respond?!?!? Well, if you are dealing
with a teacher who constantly abuses you, it’s time to
step up and nip this problem in the but. I’m not saying to
be rude and disrespect. I’m saying you should say
something. If they see that as disrespect, you should
ask them how they expect respect if that don’t show it.
And if this problem escalates get an additional adult
(parents, teacher, principal). If it is the other problem;
where the former torturer is now all happy happy, nice
nice , keep an eye out as kids we never know what goes
on in adults’ minds but we don’t necessarily want to
know either. It might be a trap so lay low and watch out.
School can either be a battleground or a field of
daisies. You determine what it will be for yourself. As
girls we need to set our standards early and uphold
them consistently. We don’t want to be like the girls that
are every grade who date every boy or think bootie
shorts are appropriate for school. YOU ALSO KNOW


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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