by Andy C '11

The Grading System

The grading system in BSGE is
quite complicated. It not A-F
nor is it 0-4. It is 1-7, and in its
unique way it makes sense.
Whatever you get, remember
that it can not be converted to a
percentage. Getting a 6-7 is
considered excellent. Getting a
4-5 is good. Getting a 3 is ok.
Getting a 2 is bad and 1 failing.
The main point is to get a 6 or 7
but a five is good to. We don’t
do averages at BSGE. It
sounds weird because we’re all
used to percentages and averages
but BSGE believes you
can’t sum up a student’s whole
performance in one number.
You will not get a GPA or an
overall average. You will also
be graded separtly on your
classwork and behavior. You
will get a periodic assessment
twice a year. Your periodic
assessment is your
grade based on one project.
Then at the end of January
and June you will get your report
card. Your report card is
based on your overall performance.
Remember that
here at BSGE asking your
teacher for extra help is not a
crime. Most teachers stay for
a couple hours after school.


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