by Kelly V '12

Advil Can Give You Headachces

Headaches. Everyone has them. You failed a few tests and had a stressful day at school. Your brother insists on blasting heavy-metal music through the house. You just watched too much TV. There are hundreds of reasons for headaches. But I bet you never thought of adding Advil to the list of causes. Or Excedrin, Tylenol, Benadryl, or any other painkiller. Recent studies have shown that these drugs are a very likely cause for your headaches. The funny thing is, you took the painkillers to numb the headache in the first place. Well, it stabbed you in the back. In fact, half of migraines, and a quarter of regular head­aches are caused by an earlier intake of drugs.

See, we are all so used to popping a pill at the slightest bit of pain that we don’t even think about it anymore. Taking an Advil is as normal as eating a donut. It’s a cycle. You have a headache, so you pop a pill. You’re fine for the rest of the day, but then tomorrow the sucker comes back, sometimes worse. So naturally, you take another pill. It’s simple as that, right? Wrong. It’s like alcohol. Something in your life isn’t going right, so you get drunk to ease the pain. You’re okay, but soon enough you get a hangover. The pain is so annoying that you get drunk again. Then ev­erything will be alright. Sound familiar?

Every minute, over 3,000,000 Americans are suffering from head­aches caused by their painkiller intake. That’s three million self-inflict­ed headaches. That’s a big number. Doctors are intent on lowering it. They give patients drugs to stop the headaches from com­ing, so the people gradually take fewer painkill­ers. The problem with doing this on your own, without any other drugs, is that most people won’t begin to see results for about two months after quitting. That means two more months enduring headaches, without any medical relief. Naturally, people are reluctant to do so.

Painkillers are basi­cally turning out to be paincausers. Of course, you’re not going to go through two months of splitting headaches, so most people choose to continue this never-ending cycle of pain and pain relief. It sounds much simpler to be able to pop a pill at the slightest need. But in the long run, it’s really not. This may sound like some cheesy anti-drugs line, but stop today. In this case, the cure IS the disease.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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