by Kristen S '11

Boys vs Girls: Is it all a matter of strength?

Many of us are aware that even though girls were able to beat up the boys in 2nd grade, these High School years are the time that the boys are definitely getting stronger than us girls, as much as we all hate to admit it.  This is pretty much hu­man nature; men are born with more strength than women.  Well, at least most men (you know who I’m talking about).  The strength issue is something that should be taken into account for some different situations.  A lot of these particular situ­ations are issues that many people really don’t agree on.

Seriously, one much high­lighted issue is whether or not boys can hit girls.  To many, it is simply a matter of ethic.  People just don’t think it’s fair.  I mean, it is true; guys do have a pretty big advantage when you come down to that.  Many people make their judg­ments according to that fact, and also the fact that they believe that women deserve a certain amount of respect from a man, who should have to earn the title “gentle man.”  On the other hand, other people believe that it’s not right that girls can go hit a guy, and they should not have any form of defense, all based on “ethic.”  The matter itself is usually based upon opinion, but could be a source of unfair judgment when there are two opposing sides.  Many people I have spoken to in regards to this matter that were of the older population said that any man who were to hit a woman is considered “trash,” or “lower than dirt.”  Today, ethic is not as paid attention to when it comes down to matters such as this because more people are entitled to their own opin­ions without being judged, which according to many is not right, and that is why the world is much worse than it has ever been when it comes down to respect in general.

Another common subject is the idea of co-ed physical education.  Many people believe that it is right; others believe that it is unfair to girls, who are much more pressured when it comes down to keeping up with the guys.   I asked my friend Kaitlyn her opinion on this matter.  In middle school, she only had physical educa­tion with girls, and she now attends a high school with co-ed phys. ed.  “I liked it much better in my old school, because it was a lot easier for girls who were not as good at certain activities to learn how to do things.  Now that we have phys. ed with guys, the girls are often made fun of because of their lack of knowledge of certain sports.”  In BSGE, we have co-ed phys. ed, and I person­ally find that to be great.  I think that putting ourselves up to a challenge is great, and even if boys are better than some of the girls, we get a better chance to achieve and eventually show them who’s boss.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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