by Kats T '13

Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again,
where we all try to dress as
hot as possible and blame it
on the costume if anybody
asks. It’s Halloween, the one
time you can be whatever
you want to be and nobody
can say anything about it. Of
course, some people have no
clue what they want to be and
end up going as something
like a box or a tree. So I’ve
written down some random
costume ideas that can be
cheap without going over the
There are, of course, the basics,
such as a witch. Witches
can actually be really cool,
you just need to know what to
do. Don’t go with a dress that
reaches the floor; you won’t
be able to walk. But don’t
overdo it by cutting your skirt
up to your waist. Balance is
the key. You can also wear
purple or black lipstick, nails,
and eye shadow. You can look
as purple as you want.
Another beloved and somewhat
overused costume idea
is a pirate. Pirates are really
fun to create, because you
can add whatever crazy accessory
you want, and it’ll
pretty much go with the rest
of your outfit. You can also go
completely ‘bling bling’ with
this costume, because pirates
are technically supposed to
love gold. Add huge ‘gold’
necklaces, big hoop earrings,
and pile on yellowish bangles.
Then again, you can also go
with the less used ones, the
ones that sound nuts but turn
out really fun and cool. You
can be a hanging lamp (I
told you these were crazy),
and wear some tight yellowbrownish
top and a really
wide matching skirt that goes
out like a lampshade. Take an
unraveled clothes hanger and
string it through the brim of
the skirt to create whatever
shape you like. If you want to
be really bright, you can even
string white battery-powered
Christmas lights along the rim
of your skirt.
Another crazy costume idea
is the IPod commercial. Dress
in all black with big heels and
crazy hair. Put IPod earplugs
in your ears and dance around
like they do in those commercials:
wild and completely
off-beat. Try to look as slim
and shadow-like as possible.
You can wear whatever color
bright (or black) makeup,
because the background in the
commercials are always some
strong vivid color anyway. Go
for a strong orange, or neon
green. This costume is also
really fun to make.
If you like making fun of
celebrities and reading the
latest in magazines, goes as
your favorite celeb. Or even
better, your least favorite.
These are really entertaining
because you can make fun of
the person you’re imitating
in whichever way you want.
Think Paris Hilton is way to
rich for her own good? Pile
on the fake jewels and carry
around a stuffed puppy. Tired
of Britney Spears? Wear a
horrible wig and try to look
skimpy without actually being
skimpy. You can come up
with something for whomever
you want. Even make up a
person if you don’t care for
celebrities. These are really
fun to make, because you can
wear whatever you feel like.
If you’re one of those people
that refuse to take a costume
idea from a newspaper, think
of these ideas as inspiration
for your own work of art. Go
crazy. Be whatever pops into
your mind. This is Halloween,
after all.
By Kats Tamanaha

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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