by Alicia S '12

School Dress Codes

As you get older, you get more independent – most of the time. This means you don’t like being told what to do by your parents, you don’t like being nagged by your teach­ers to bring in your work, and you don’t like being told what to wear. Schools are now trying to push students to wear uniforms. Most students find this completely unfair and ridiculous, while others find it helpful and fair.

Students who find this ridiculous think that they should be given freedom in what they wear and what they believe in, and what they wear shows what they believe in. It shows what they think. Students think that they should be able to express themselves freely which includes clothing, piercing, hair styles, make up, etc. People should be able to form their own expression because everybody has a right to be unique and wear their own things.

While there are students who hate dress codes, there are students who think that having a dress code is a good idea. Most kids, who don’t have much money, don’t have to worry about what they have to wear for school the next day because they can just wear their uniform; they don’t have to be judged by what they are wear­ing and how they look. Others think it’s a good idea because they don’t have to waste their time pick­ing an outfit; what shirt goes with these pants, which pants go with these shoes. Peo­ple think that clothes don’t even make the difference at all; the difference is who you are and how you act.

Then there are the students who are at a neutral point in this argument. Students should be able to pick what they wear, but the schools should be a little stricter to what their kids are wear­ing. Teen­age girls and boys are dressing too “sexy” for their age. Girls are walking around in tube tops, way too mini skirts, and short shorts and enjoy the attention they receive when walking around. Students think that they should be able to wear these things, but the skirts and shorts shouldn’t be too short, and not a lot of skin should be revealed. Boys get distracted by stomachs, backs, full showing of legs, and low neck lines. It’s a distraction of the les­son.

The best thing would probably be allowing students to wear what they want, but having certain restrictions like not showing too much of areas. Allowing students to have a freedom of expression promotes understand­ing and growth. If teachers should be respected, students’ rights should be respected to find out where they fit in.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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