by BACC Rag staff

Sugar and Spice

School is in full swing, and we have almost completely gotten used to it. School is school, and we have to adjust to it, but there is one thing that still annoys me. What’s up with the locker situation??? We have been lugging books, binders and whiteboards (Chinese students) around for more than a week now and our backs are killing us, at least mine is. Maybe by the time this article comes out everything will be organized and we will have our lockers. But doesn’t it strike you as odd that when school first started a lot of things were disorganized. Our advisories weren’t set up yet, our lockers were distributed and our advisory rooms were not assigned.

Some of us may not have cared that much, others might have been really frustrated, and a few might be completely oblivious to what I am talking about. To those who are aware of what I am saying, don’t you think a school should be a little more organized on first day of school. It is neurotic enough on the first day of school but there are some things that should be set, just to save some trouble. And now many of us are suffering with our giant book bags, because of the poor arrangements made in our school.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love BSGE, it is a great school and has some of the greatest teachers I have ever met, but we need to get it together.

Now, I have another question: why didn’t we ac­knowledge the anniversary of September Eleventh? We should of a least had a moment of silence. Did everyone coinci­dently forget or something? My sister had a moment of silence in her school and my friends from other schools all did some­thing to remember 9/11. Why didn’t BSGE remember?? I felt so embarrassed when my friends and my sister asked me what my school did and I pathetically replied nothing.

Now about the school supplies. I understand that bind­ers are needed but what’s up with those teachers who demand two, three, four, five inch bind­ers. Okay I’m exaggerating, but they know we didn’t get our lockers immediately and that even the lockers have limited space. Yet they still demand a billion books and binders. Our book bags cannot hold anymore, we all look like we are going camping with these enormous bags. HAVE YOU NO SYMPA­THY?????

I wonder if Myspace is still popular… To me it is the most idiotic thing since boys wearing jeans 25 sizes bigger than their own size below their butts, but that was just a random thought. Those were my opinions on the first few weeks of school. Like I said school is school, we all have to deal with it but I think that teachers and those in charge should take some responsibility in making it halfway tolerable. Our school is doing pretty well compared to others but there is always space for improvement.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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