by Seong Ae H '12


On the 27th and 28th of October, the 8th grade students of BSGE are taking the Specialized High School Admission Test if they wish to enter a specialized high school, such as Stuyvesant, Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Sci­ence, and 5 more. This test is very strenuous for many students, because it is dif­ficult, and proper training is needed. Because this admission test is extremely hard for the 8th grade level, lots of students have extra help by tutor, after school, etc… Some students have studied extra hard to get into the best of the best. But not only 8th graders were to take the test, 9th graders had the chance to take the test (on Nov. 3rd and 4th). Make up tests for students who could not take the tests on the dates they were given, is on Nov. 17th and 18th.

8th graders were given 3 booklets about the Specialized High Schools last year. One book was a guide to all the High Schools in New York (which was extremely thick), another book was a book with practice tests for students to experi­ence how the test will be like. The last book is just couple of pages with tips and surveys. If the tips for taking the tests were read by the test takers, the tests would be less painful and stressful.

There was an application to be filled by students and parents. It was a sheet where students fill out the 12 regular High Schools they want to at­tend. You had to choose carefully because the order you put your High School because it was also they way you rank the High Schools. If you put BSGE as your first choice and L.I.C your second, then that means that IF your first choice chooses you, then it would be mandato­ry to attend BSGE because it was your first choice. But if your first choice rejected you and your second choice choose you, then you HAVE to attend L.I.C. Ranking and High School choices are really important.

High Schools mostly lead your life to your future, so it’s important to choose a right High School for yourself and for your education.

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