by Kristen S '11

Tricks in Treats

Trick or treat, smell my feet; give me something good to eat!  For many kids, Hal­loween is a time of year that they look forward to.  All of the scary stories that you hear, and all of the decora­tions that make the neigh­borhood seem like a haunted trail just get you physced up for the great day.  You get to dress up like your favorite character or monster, and you get to walk around the neighborhood and get free candy.  What’s better than that?

Well, to some concerned parents, Halloween is defi­nitely not the holiday that they are looking forward to.  It is a time where a lot of strangers lurk the neighbor­hood, and children are very vulnerable to danger.  With every child hiding their identity behind a mask or face paint, it is easy to get confused when it comes to which little Witch is yours, especially when you are go­ing with groups of people.  The thought of loosing a child on any day would be terrible, but on Halloween a lot of kids that are out are up to no good.  Kids are egging homes, throwing toilet paper all over schools, and covering cars with shav­ing cream.  You never know what could happen to your kid that day.

There are other dangers of Halloween besides of foolish kids too.  The candy that the young children go around looking for could be very harmful for us kids.  Some people, for some reason, put things in the candy that they give out to purposely harm the kids of the neighborhood.  People have put in toxic foods or even needles into the candy that the children receive.  Make sure to check all of the candy that you or a younger sibling receives before eating it, you never know what could possibly happen. Crazy people in the world go to that extreme in order to make sure that Halloween can’t just be fun for kids.

Some people also steal children when they ring their doorbell, as horrible as it is to believe.  Many parents will not allow their kids to go trick or treating alone because of this reason.  Halloween itself is a very enjoyable holiday, one un­like many other.  It is a time for the community to also create a sense of giving, and even cause a couple of laughs every now and then.  Just remember to be safe and have fun!


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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