by Kristen S '11

Editorial: Are Girls Smarter Than Boys?

“Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider, girls go to college to get more knowledge.”

That’s just the way of life, at least it is now.  The guys may not actually be going to Jupiter, but they are letting girls pass them academically.  Academics aren’t the only thing.  Men also go out of their way to do things that don’t actually make sense much more often than women do.
Years ago, girls were looked down upon, and weren’t given a fair chance when it came to schooling.  They were only given chances to do specific jobs with men ocupying the superior roles in society.  Since women and men now have the same rights and opportunities, women are really taking advantage of those chances, and leaving the men in their dust! (GO GIRLSS!) Today, more than 60% of the people that are on America’s college campuses are women.  Meaning more women are trying to achieve a higher education for better jobs than men are.  While the majority of those in college are women, men account for more than 60% of the high school drop-out rate.  The fact of the matter is that girls are really pushing themselves to be able to keep up, and exceed the expectations placed upon women.  As Dr. Michael Thompson, the author of Raising Cain, told cbs, “Girls are so outperforming boys in school right now, one statistician said he took it out to its absurd endpoint and said at the present trend, the last man to get his bachelor’s degree will do so in 2068.”
Today, gender is still a factor that may be taken into account when it comes to accepting job applicants.  This may be a reason that we often see very successful men rather than women.  According to www. forbes. com, the top 20 wealthiest Americans are mostly men, with only five of the twenty (25%)  being women.  Looking at these statistics, you may wonder what the future holds.  Cbs says that women are receiving 170,000 more bachelor degrees in America than are the men.  This could possibly lead up to more women’s names eventually being added to the top 20 wealthiest in America.  Women are finally getting their chances to excel in academics, and the opportunity is obviously being used.
We see differences in more than just academics.  Women seem to make wiser life choices as well.  More than 80% of crimes committed (excluding the prostitution categories) in America, according to , are commited by men.  Men are more likely to  resort to going against the law than to get through life by working and achieving something themselves.  In general, committing a crime could be a terrible decision, because getting caught will lead to consequences, such as major fines, parole, community service, and of course, JAIL.  Sentences could be longer than a person’s lifetime.  Unless for some odd reasons guys like spending their lifetimes in jail, they should know better than committing ridiculous crimes that they decide to follow through with.
What more is there to say?  Girls may not always have outperformed boys, but it is very likely that it was just due to women being held back, and are now supported enough to believe they could exceed the performance of men.  But now that they are given the opportunity, women have  surpassed men in many categories.  Men could do the same, but at the rate things are moving, men are not exactly trying to.  While girls are going to college, the boys continue to take the first flight to Jupiter.  Why?  Well, that’s something that girls will never be able to understand.


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