by Daniel F '10

SAW 4 Leaves You Hoping They Don’t Make A 5

If you haven’t seen the first the three Saw films, don’t bother seeing this –you’ll walk out lost and will have that same bad taste in your mouth as the first time you saw Pearl Harbor. This fourth sequel is similar to all other fourth sequels – it’s dreadful. With director Darren Lynn Bousman plotting his storyline so that Jigsaw, the main character, finds himself dead in the third film, there really wasn’t much for Bousman to work with in making this one.
This 95 minute thriller leaves you asking questions from the opening scene to the end credits, with new characters rising at the beginning of the film, yet no character development of them whatsoever. Bousman expects the viewer the develop the character on their own during the film to fully grasp the concept of the “Saw Traps”, yet leaves you with no room for thought, immediately springing you into this new world Saw, with new traps and a new twisted plot. Essentially, if you have not thoroughly watched the past three films, you are at a loss of $10 in watching this, however, if you have seen the previous three and understand them to their fullest extent, this is a must-see addition to the famous collection of Saw films.
Unfortunately, there is a cliffhanger at the end of the film, meaning there is more coming. This franchise of films is way past its prime, at the point where the films simply have no reason, only to leave you unsettled and degraded as a human being. If you enjoy going to the theater for the blood, this is for you, but if you have not seen the prior films and are not comfortable sitting through a gory afternoon at the movies, stay away from this and spend your overpriced movie ticket money on something else.
It’s disgusting, it’s grotesque and it’s creative in all the worst ways, however, comic relief is still available – just read the script.
As well as all of us underage students, for those BSGE 7th graders, keep in mind, as Jeannette Catsoulis of the New York Times tells us all, “Saw IV” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Imagine every conceivable form of torture, then add the inconceivable.”


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