by Jolijt T '11

The New Guidance Counselor

You can now officially add Timothy David-Lang to your list of good listeners. Next time you need to borrow two ears and spill your heart, knock on Tim’s door. It’s always open to all students, unless it’s closed, and in that case, hold your breath, write it down and wait two minutes because you’re up next.
Tim is the school’s new guidance counselor and he describes himself as “someone who students can talk to” because he doesn’t have to have demands or an agenda. He’s just someone here to listen. That can be extremely helpful in a school where everyone seems  to be asking for something.
His office is a place where students can be who they are.
Tim describes BSGE as a school as a “very rigorous academic environment where students and teachers are both very serious about academics and getting prepared for college and career.” He says BSGE has a good range of classes with a lot of subject depth and that most students will be very comfortable in college.
Besides being a good listener, Tim is also the man you go to for help  with procedural matters. Such as students, families or teachers that need help with applying to BSGE, working papers, high school applications and scheduling.
Tim has worked at Humanities Prep in Manhattan and a few other schools. He was a freshman adviser at St. John’s University and he’s been a teacher.
Already want a tip? We asked, how do adults continue to connect with their teenagers. Tim dished out some pretty perfect advise. Tim says adults should find ways to have fun with their kids.  He says, “those [fun] things change as your child gets older but there are always ways to connect.”

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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