by Alicia S '12

Video Games and Teens

As time goes on, technology becomes more sophisticated, like video games. The popularity of violent video games is growing immensely and is becoming a part of the social experience of America ’s youth. Video games are becoming more graphic and because they are becoming more graphic, they show a lot of violence that isn’t suitable for small children. Violent video games can lead to violent behavior in children

Video games have been linked to aggressive behavior in young children. Some people may believe that video games allow a safe outlet for frustration and aggression. Video games may influence children’s attitudes toward other people. A game where you go around shooting, stabbing, killing and burning civilians is becoming enjoyable to kids who play. The games give negative affects on children’s minds, it makes killing seem less like a crime, and it promotes racism and sexist stereotypes. You may not see teens stabbing each other to the death, but ideas of violence come into mind. Games like Grand Theft Auto show a lot of these things. Kids may think that it is okay to commit crimes.

When video games are made, they usually get ratings like T for teen and E for everyone. But it doesn’t stop kids under age from playing those games. When a game shows a lot of violence on the cover, it urges the under age kid to have it. Mostly an older person like a parent or friend will buy the game. Parents complain about their children and their behavior changing, when they are the ones who bought the game. Parents aren’t really responsible but they should have a limit to how long the kid plays the video game. Kids have become addicted to video games and lose their responsibilities over them. Kids slack off on homework and chores. It leads to poor academic performance.

Given the fact that video games have several negative effects, they also have positive effects. Some games can be educational and it causes you to use your brain and solve the problem, players get so caught up in the game that they don’t realize that they are learning anything. Video games also allow a sense of control, flexibility, and hand-eye coordination skills.                                               In conclusion, video games have both positive and negative effects on children. Overall the negative effect on children is that they cause violent actions and overall the positive effect on children is that they learn other things while playing.

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