by Jessi H '11

“Are those real?”

“Are those real?”

This is becoming a more common question when viewing celebrities’ or an average person’s body. It used to be rare to ask if a person’s breasts were fake, now it is almost a shocker when a celebrity’s chest is not. “Plastic Surgery is a medical specialty that uses a number of surgical and nonsurgical techniques to change the appearance and function of a person’s body,” says Wikipedia. But people have only recently de­veloped this craving to change their appearance by such drastic measures.

With the option of plastic surgery always floating in the air, young girls tend to pick at their flaws more deeply. They start to feel dissatisfied with their bodies, their noses, and their skin, when they compare themselves to people who have often under­gone surgery to look that way. We not only see people who have got­ten surgeries such as: breast augmentation, liposuction, face lifts, and nose jobs, but we also see advertisements and television shows based on it too. Shows like The Swan, Extreme Makeover, Dr.90210, and Nip/Tuck illustrate the wonderful outcome plastic surgery has on people’s lives, while failing to show us all the negative affects that can come from it. With all of the focus on physi­cal appearance girls can start becoming jealous of other girls who might have some of the charac­teristics they desire and start to bully them, mak­ing those girls become more aware of their flaws and feel unhappy too. It can quickly turn into a very unhealthy cycle. Suddenly, plastic surgery can seem like the perfect solution.

People get those procedures often think­ing that it is what it takes to make them happy. That this flaw has been holding them back all this time and if it was fixed they would be able to be an all around better person. However, much like an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it will only cover up the reason for your unhappiness, it may not fix it.

It is not only women who are drawn to the appeal of Plas­tic Surgery, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported 1.1 million men getting cosmetic surgery in 2003, a 31 percent increase from 2002, and 7.2 million women getting these surgeries, a 16 percent increase from 2002.

Although Plastic Surgery is often treated as lightly as dying your hair, it is much more serious. Some of the dangers are: having a deadly reaction to the gas they use to put you to sleep (Anesthe­sia), permanent scars, infection, disfigurement, paralysis, blood clots that will prevent you from breathing, and depres­sion.

There are additional problems if you get it done as a teenager. Your body is not done grow­ing and it may prevent development, you also may not be pleased with the results of the plastic surgery once your body is finished. As a teen­ager you are dealing with more emotions and it may not be wise to act on them with a life chang­ing decision like plastic surgery.

Try to have confidence in your thoughts, your per­sonality, your decisions, and your appearance. Happiness usually goes along with confidence and when you are happy you have a positive self image. Instead of focus­ing on your “flaws” you would like to change, think about what makes you beautiful. After all, if Cindy Crawford, the super model who gained fame because of her mole, had gotten it removed who knows where she would be. It is our flaws that make us who we are. When you remove them or change them you are removing a part of yourself. Think deeply about the conse­quences and if you really think you would be better off afterwards. Except for some extreme look­ing cases, the surgery is probably not worth it. Get plastic surgery for physical pain not just physical appearance, because you are beautiful the way you are.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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