by Kristen S '11

Got Rice?

Do you know what the mean­ing of the word commode is? It’s actually a synonym for the toilet. is a website that really helps you brush up on your vocabulary, and helps the world one word at a time.  The concept of the website is not only to help Americans find ways to use new words in the English language, but also feeds the hungry at the same time.  The people that go to the website are given a word, with four possible synonyms.  Every time a person chooses a cor­rect word, 20 grains of rice is donated to those of who are starving in the world.  20 grains of rice may seem like almost nothing, but it really helps.

Free Rice vocabulary program adjusts to your level of vocabulary, and the words get harder and harder as you get more and more words cor­rectly.  There are 50 levels of vocabulary in total.  For every 3 words that you get correct, you move up a level.  And every one word you get wrong, you move down a level.  Ac­cording to the Free Rice F. A. Q. (frequently asked ques­tions), it is very rare for a per­son to achieve a level higher than 48.  They claim that participating in this, not only are you helping the hungry, but also immensely improving your intelligence.  For us as children, this website will help our grades and SAT scores in a very positive way.  Our comprehension will be much better and our reading paces will be much faster because by improving our vocabulary, we don’t only know more words but we also have an easier time breaking down words we don’t know because we can relate and compare them to other words.

Free Rice is able to supply the poor people around the world with rice because of the advertisements that they have at the bottom of the page.  The advertisers come together to donate 20 grains of rice for each vocabulary word correctly associated with its synonym.  The tons of rice that are donated proves how much the website is viewed, and pro­motes more and more compa­nies to help support the cause by advertising on the website.  We just have to do our part, go to the website and challenge our minds.  Before November 28th, only 10 grains of rice were donated per correct word.  Thanks to the efforts of the world, the website was able to change it to 20 grains, and hope to soon again make the grains of rice greater.

On December 5th, 2007 Ms. Lambrini’s advisory managed to get 400 grains of rice donat­ed towards the hungry, which is practically a bowl.  The contributions may seem small, but are much more than you think. On that day, the world actually had 299,292,160 grains of rice donated.  From December 1st until December 7th, 7,178,114,130 grains of rice were given to the hungry.  Although these numbers only represent grains of rice, the impact is immense.  Every grain counts, especially in the fight against hunger these days.  Free says that around 25,000 people pass away from hunger each and every day around the world, most of whom are children.  Improving your vocabulary means helping those starving kids in the 75 countries that Free Rice contributes to.  To learn more about the ways we could help out, and how we contribute to the fight against world hunger, Free Rice suggests that you check out


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