by Daniel F '10

This Christmas

Where have all of the great Holiday films gone?  Home Alone 2(1990), The Muppet Christmas Carol(1992), The Santa Clause(1994), and a personal favorite of many, Bad Santa(2003). Though these are just a few films, they all have that quality holiday film taste, some­thing that can be watched with the whole family, laughing and cherishing times. However, this holi­day season, the Christmas movies come in short distribution and a lack of talent on the screen. “This Christmas” provides ab­solutely nothing to watch for, with an overused plot and a lack of acting on the screen.

The story begins with a family of nine getting together for Christmas and develops into a story of drama from all ends of the family, with a variety of romances, fights and  illegal attributes. How­ever, this raunchy PG-13 flick, directed by Preston A. Whitmore II, holds a bit too much Christmas cheer, with singer Chris Brown using majority of his screen time to sing and dance, rather than actually perform as an actor and develop the plot in any way.

Although it will not leave you bored in your seat, it will have you wondering why there are so many characters and so much information stuffed into this 117 minute story of a family’s personal struggles and their collaboration for a successful Christmas day.

Of course it doesn’t even come to close to other Christmas classics, how­ever, if you’re in desper­ate search of a Christmas movie next year and you’ve watched the 100 Christmas classics to the point where you can watch them no more, consider picking this one up at your local Blockbuster where the clearance section may be. This group of untalented actors. Com­bined with a dreadfully over-packed script come together to give you “This Christmas”, something you definitely will not want to be watching This Christmas.

After all, if you really want to see Chris Brown sing and dance, and I assume that would be the only reason anyone would even consider attending this, just go to MTV and watch “Kiss Kiss” over and over again, it would surely be more productive than spending $10 on this holiday movie blunder.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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