by Meghan M '11

Watch Out, Jocks, You’re Next

The attacks on athletes over the past few years, and even months, have escalated to the point of the kill­ing of Sean Taylor, who played the free-safety for the Washington Redskins of the NFL.  Athletes’ paranoia concerning robberies and assaults on they and their families has now hit an all time high.  They constantly feel like prime sources for attack, because their schedules are so well known, and it is obvious that they own large sums of money.  Recently, NBA player Eddy Curry and his family were held at gunpoint while their house was raided for money and jew­elry. Previously, Miami Head forward Antoine Walker experienced a similar robbery, sup­posedly linked to Eddy Curry’s.

What’s more is that unlike Lindsay Lo­han and Britney Spears, these athletes aren’t out there partying to no end and doing drugs, just asking for things like this to happen to them. More often than not, they are simply at home with their family when they are targeted.

Says Carolina Panthers LB Jon Bea­son, “I think everybody in this locker room can think of an NFL player that they know person­ally that’s been robbed or someone has broken into their home. It’s unfortunate. Because you are a target, and the laws almost make it so you can’t protect your­self. It’s almost like there’s more protection for the crook than the actual victim.”

Sean Taylor was shot in his house around 2 a.m. on Monday morning, the bullet hitting an artery in his leg, and caus­ing extreme bleeding. When he realized there were intruders in the house, he jumped out of bed and grabbed a machete he kept close by for self-defense.  A lot of good that did.  He didn’t have the oppor­tunity to use it before he was shot.  His wife and 18 month kid hid under the covers as they helplessly listened to the intruders sifting through the things in their house.

Says Washington Redskins LB London Fletcher, “He was at his house, you know? You can’t live in a box. Here he was, at his home, and it’s 2 o’clock in the morning or whatever it was. He wasn’t out in a club. He wasn’t out do­ing something. He was at home.”

Taylor died the follow­ing day, and his funeral has been scheduled for 11 a.m. on Monday at the Florida National University in Miami. In Taylor’s honor, there will be a moment of silence held prior to ev­ery football game held this weekend, and all players will wear a de­cal bearing his number on their helmets.  Play­ers of the Redskins will wear the decals as well as jersey patches.

Meanwhile, athletes all around America will be watch­ing their backs, and boosting security.  They have all had an extreme wake up call with their fellow player’s death, and realize that they and their families aren’t as safe as they would like to think.  Athletes are loaded, the world knows it, and they want in on it.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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