by Jessi H '11

Book Review: It Chicks

Gossip Girl with a twist, is one way to look at “It Chicks.” The twist? All the characters do not already have it made for them, but instead are trying to push themselves up to the top at a famous performing arts high school and are mostly minorities. However, there is just as much drama and it is just as addicting to read.
The main character Tangie goes through both relationship and body image issues. She is very naïve to this stardom-driven world. She struggles with her weight from being constantly reminded that she is too curvy too be a dancer and struggled with emotions from her runaway mother, verging on pedophile father, and boys that give her very mixed signals. She is never too sure about what to do.
Tangie’s “best-too-wrapped-up-in-herself-to-be-friend”, Skye, had a seemingly perfect life until you looked closer. Her mother constantly compared her to her more beautiful and slimmer sister, she was in love with a boy who was secretly gay, and her self-esteem was so low she had to put others down to make herself feel better. She might have had power but it’s a fair question whether she really had friends.
Skye’s sister, Eden is the girl everyone would love to be. With her never ending wardrobe, tall slim body, and amazing acting talent she seems to have it all. Even after breaking up with her equally amazing boyfriend, Trey, she manages to land one of the most popular rappers. However, she may have to rethink her priorities. The rapper she is dating, Smoove, is attractive, rich and famous. But he is also a lying, selfish guy involved in drugs and violence. She looks past all of his negative qualities to ensure that she will get the attention she longs after in the tabloids.
C.J. is a tenth grade boy who gets attention from girls of all ages. He is an attractive, funny guy, and seemingly tough on the outside. He is the boy Tangie has loved for years. They were best friends for a long time as Tangie sat back and watched as he carelessly got with a bunch of girls, but never her. When the timing was finally right between them, Tangie messed it up with a misunderstanding and a very rude announcement.
Although there are other drama and issue filled characters, these are the main ones. As I finished the book I could not believe it was ending. It seemed like so much more was left to happen for each character. I won’t say what ends up happening to them but before they get to that point a lot of crazy things have to happen first. I hope there is a sequel because I could not help wondering “what happens next?” I would definitely recommend “It Chicks.”


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