by Bianca M '11 by Jessi H '11

Boys vs. Girls: Which Sex Knows Less!

“Girls go to college to get more knowledge. Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.” “Girls rule, boys drool.” “Anything you can do, I can do better.” Since we’re six years old, intelligence between genders has always been a debatable topic; not necessarily academically yet common knowledge between most boys and girls.  Boys and girls are informed on very different topics – boys know about sports, cars and fighting; girls know about nails, prices, fashion, and makeup. There are girls and boys who beat this stereotype and are knowledgeable in the opposite gender’s area.
We wanted to see how many, or if any people at all, could beat this stereotype. Below you will find answers to questions that each gender felt the opposite gender would struggle to answer correctly. ld. The name and grade is attached to each answer. Asterisks (*) are placed next to the correct answers. If no one answered the question correctly, the proper answer is directly below.

Male Questions and Female Answers:
Which basketball player scored 100 points in one game?
o    Michael Jordan. Is he even a basketball player? – Amy Augello, 9.
o    Michael Jordan. – Hannah McFadden, 9.
o    I don’t know. – Anonymous, 10.
Answer: Wilt Chamberlin.

What is the fastest car?
o    ’67 Red Chevy. – Hannah McFadden, 9.
o    F1 McLaren. – Anonymous, 9.*
o    Ferrari or Lambroghini. – Karina Rhem, 9.
o    Something cool. Something black and sleek. You know. –Anonymous, 8.

Name any pitcher in the MLB.
o    I don’t know anything about baseball but like Derek Jeter… and like that old guy. Babe Ruth, there you go. – Karina Rhem, 9.
o    Babe Ruth. Wait! That’s a woman! – Cynthia Soto, 9.
Answer: Pedro Martinez, Mike Mussina, Carl Pavano, Roger Clemens, etc.

Who is the shortstop for the NY Yankees?
o    Derek Jeter. – Karen Moy, 9.*
o    Derek Jeter. He’s just the main man. – Karina Rhem, 9.*
o    Hideki Matsui. He plays for them, yeah? – Anonymous, 7.

Who is Andre Aggasi?
o    A tennis player. – Catherine Sbeglia, 9.*
o    A surfer. – Solemia Gainza, 9.
o    A tennis player. – Anonymous, 10.*
o    A singer? – Karina Rhem, 9.

What is a cross for fighting?
o    When you punch the left side with the right hand. – Jolijt Tamanaha, 9.*
o    A stab in the stomach. – Karina Rhem, 9.
o    An uppercut. – Takesha Graham, 9.

Who is Nas?
o    A surfer. – Solemia Gainza, 9.
o    A basketball player. – Catherine Sbeglia, 9.
o    A rapper. – Amy Augello, Jasira Stephens, Noelle Cotti, Karina Rhem, 9.*
Female Questions and Male Answers:
How much does it cost to get a manicure/pedicure?
o    $36.00. – Thomas Romero-North, 9.*
o    $20.00. – Desmon Palmer, 9.
o       $40.00. – Joshua Rodriguez, 9.

How much does a Coach wristlet cost?
o    $100. – Thomas Romero-North, 9.
o    What’s a wristlet? – Hkeem Anderson, 9.
o    As in a bracelet? – Joshua Rodriguez, 9.
o    $50.00, I don’t know. – Greg Conroy, 10.*

Why aren’t you supposed to sleep with makeup on?
o    It ruins. -Thomas Romero-North, 9.
o    It gets on the pillow. – Joshua Rodriguez, 9.
o    It’ll damage their skin. – Wasim Salim, 9.*
o    They’ll get old and wrinkly. – Santiago Preciado, 9.
o    How the hell am I supposed to know? – Greg Conroy, 10.
o    It won’t come off in the morning. – Thomas Kozlowski, 10.

Why is Nicole Richie famous?
o    Isn’t she dead? Wait, oh. Lionel Richie’s daughter. –Santiago Preciado, 9
o    Because of Paris Hilton. – Mark Gakin, 9.
o    Is she the dead or the skinny one? – Joshua Rodriguez, 9.
o    She was adopted by Lionel Richie. – Thomas Kozlowski, 10.*
Answer: Hollywood socialite, adopted by Lionel Richie. Starred on the show ‘The Simple Life’.

What do most girls find attractive about a guy?
o    Funny/charming, abs, muscles. – Joshua Rodriguez, 9.
o    Eyes. – Mark Gakin, 9.
o    Hair. – Thomas Romero-North, 9.
o    Bubble butt. – Richie Pineda and Desmon Palmer, 9.
o    Face. – Greg Conroy, 10.
o    Height and eyes. – Thomas Kozlowski, 10.
Answer: There really is no correct answer. It is based solely on the individual. Majority of girls say that sense of humor is extremely attractive.

How tall must a female model be?
o    5’8”. – Thomas Romero-North.*
o    6’0”. – Santiago Preciado.
o    4’8”. – Desmon Palmer.

Name two ‘Plastics’ from the movie Mean Girls.
o    Reggie and Gretchen. – Desmon Palmer, 9.
o    Regina and Caty. – Mark Gakin, 9.*
Answer: Regina, Caty, Gretchen and Karen are all members of the ‘Plastics’.

So maybe stereotypes are harder to prove wrong than people thought. As you can see every question has at least one confused answer, however, at least one boy answered the question correctly. There were questions that no girl knew the answer to. This goes to show that many girls do not know much about sports; proving this particular stereotype true. Girls felt that most boys wouldn’t know about girly stuff but the answers prove that guys know a lot more about us than we thought. It is interesting to see how much, or even how little we know about the opposite sex, who we see and interact with on a daily basis.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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