by BACC Rag staff

Culture Night a Success


Jet Blue has an anncoucement, all of their international flights have been canceled because no one was buying tickets. Instead people flocked to BSGE’s culture night for this years dosage of world travel!
Our school has less then 500 students with over 100 nationalities; imense culture is expected.
The pictures on the left were taken by Auset Alexander of the food table and the many customers. The food came from every corner of the world. There was Ecuadorian food, Mexica, American, Jamacian and of course, cupcakes from BJ’s. Every plate of food was $5 and you could pile the food up as high as you want. Everything was amazing delicous. Your palate was entertained with spicy, sweet, bitter and ketchup all from the same plate.
While you were eating there was even more entertainment! BSGE students, with help and support from Sarah Lawrence College graduate students, published a collection of stories. The collection was titles “Unread” and students spent the night reading their work to those of us enjoying the food. The stories and poems were great. They were heavy with emotion and well written.
Next year instead of spending money to travel, drop by culture night and travel around the world in two hours!







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