by Paulina C '13

Global Warming All a Myth?

Hybrid cars, fuel-efficient light bulbs, recycling and energy conservation programs, and international summits, are some of the many measures taken by our generation in order to manage the phenomenon of Global Warming.  The scientific community, along with the media and politicians, has taken in their hands the task of slowing down the possible occurrences due to the rise in Earth temperature. How much? Oh yes, one degree since 1975.
Schemes and inventions are not the only things this weather condition has caused. Fear and paranoia have been a common characteristic not only among environmentalists but also among the average people. Strong opinions as well as actions have accompanied this phenomenon. While many citizens take action to prevent even further Global Warming, other people wonder…. Is Global Warming a truth or just a myth?
Before attempting to answer the controversial question it is important to accurately define what Global Warming is. In general, it is commonly believed to be the event in which the Earth gradually gets warmer. The planet temperature rises for several reasons, many of them related to human activity on the planet. According to the National Geographic, while the sun heats up, its beams radiate onto the Earth’s atmosphere, warming up the surface of the globe. Then, after touching the Earth, some of the heat bounces to the atmosphere and back into space.  The amount of heat given and bounced into space is just enough to balance life on Earth.  However, human productivity such as the burning of fossil fuels and the gases produced by factories, among other practices, has thickened the atmosphere, making it harder for the sun heat to go back into space; therefore all the heat beamed down stays around the Earth, causing it to warm up. This phenomenon is also known as the green house effect. The heat can not get out; consequently the planet heats up more than usual.
There have been many experiments, documentaries, and lectures trying to prove that Global Warming is indeed happening.  One of those efforts was former vice president Al Gore’s documentary, “The Inconvenient Truth”.  This documentary is very convincing and there is no doubt that the data presented is indeed disturbing. However, a report offered by the Weather Channel, presents that over the past 33 years, the average temperature on Earth has only raised 1 degree.  Is that possible? If the Earth’s temperature has only raised one degree, in over three decades, is the planet really getting that warm?  On the other hand, if the Earth is not getting that warm, why are the glaciers melting at such a rapid pace?
The amount of ice that melted off the glaciers over the past years is enormous. In fact, studies conducted by the NASA showed that “sea ice in the Arctic is declining at a rate of nine percent per decade”. The same studied concluded that “in 2002 summer sea ice was at record low levels”. An the same statement persisted in year 2003.  This numbers make it hard to vanish the very thought of Manhattan being sunk under melted glacier water. The image is increasingly fearful. And the fact that the world might end a little sooner because of “Global Warming”, should encourage everyone to do what they can to prevent it.
Deciding whether Global Warming is Truth or Myth depends on what side you look at. The natural evidence definitely shows that the Earth and its climate patters are changing: intensified droughts, drastic floods and tornadoes appearing in never though places are just some evidence of it. However, the forensic science says that the Earth temperature raised only one degree and that there is nothing to worry about.
No matter how many studies pop up, or how many more degrees the Earth temperature has raised, there is nothing that will hide the natural examples of Global Warming.  Scientific experiments can go wrong; however, nature will always be correct.


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