by Maximillian C '13

Video Game Review: Bioshock

Story: Bioshock is the incredible new game where you play as Jack, the sole survivor of a plane crash that has left him in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. You then discover a lighthouse, which is the entrance to an underwater city called Rapture. Rapture is a failed civilization that was created to be a home for people who the founder, business tyrant Andrew Ryan, thought showed the best in Humanity, and their work could not be affected by the government. Unfortunately, all of the citizens became “Splicers” vicious, pheromone controlled maniacs that attack almost anything, due to the effects of the plasmids, incredible chemicals that cured normal problems like Male Pattern Baldness, or granted incredible powers, like Telekinesis. Arriving at Rapture, Jack finds a radio transistor, which is used by a man named Atlas who asks you to rescue his family, who are trapped in a submarine. You venture into Rapture, only to be faced by numerous enemies and challenges, and realize that there are many secrets that only you can reveal, some that will change your life.
Review: Bioshock is probably one of the greatest games I have ever played. There is so much originality, and there are so many features that will really change the way you play video games. Instead of the normal run and shoot game play, you will have to actually use your brain if you want to beat this game. But don’t worry, I’m not saying that this is an educational game. What I mean, is that you’ll need a lot of strategy, in order to take out the hordes of enemies that you face. This includes shocking the water with your electrical bolts, freezing enemies and bashing them to bits, hacking security bots and using them for your own advantage, including making them heat seeking, then turning your enemies ablaze. You can also turn enemies against each other, and use telekinesis to throw gas tanks art enemies, and when you’re surrounded and do this, it looks like your lighting candles, only instead there are maniacs running around, screaming in pain…and burning. All of these endless possibilities mean only one thing, possibly one of most incredible times you will ever have playing a game. But you will also need to use all of these powers to take down the most dangerous, and also one of the coolest enemies to ever arrive in video games: the Big Daddy. The Big Daddy is a huge guy walking around in a metal diving suit, and usually sporting a huge drill that he uses for impaling and anything else that you can do with a drill. The Big Daddy is nearly impervious, taking almost any thing you can give him. This is why it’s good to use all your powers, and be really creative, because once you’ve killed them, you get to access the Little Sisters, the little girls that the Big Daddies are protecting. You can either take all the Plasmids from them, which kills them, or you can free them of their mutant form, and receive a small extra amount of Plasmids. Whichever you choose affects the ending of the game. The only problem is that after playing for a couple of hours, the game play get’s a little repetitive. Overall though, the game play still really does rock, and you’ll have to be playing for a pretty long time to finally bored. Another great thing about this game is the graphics. They are insane!!! When you first play, you are swimming in the ocean, the water looks incredible. It seems so realistic, glittering in light and flowing so naturally, you could swear you were watching T.V. But it’s not just the water, it’s everything. It all looks so good, the features are all realistic, and Rapture looks really cool because it’s set in the 60’s, so it has a golden age look to it. You can here old classics played on the speakers thought the city. Overall, Bioshock is a great game. Incredible game play, unbelievable graphics, and a really cool classic feeling. It’s a must buy, and is possibly the best game of 2007.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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