by Kristen S '11

Editorial: The New Detention Policy

The detention policy that was recently re-implemented from last year has many students rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Although the faculty may be find it necessary for the students to be punished for their irresponsibility, the inconvenience that this lateness policy inflicts upon the students outweighs its benefits completely.
The consequence for being late is having to attend detention for 15-30 minutes after 6th period, regardless of how late you are. We are expected to be in the school building at 7:50, 10 minutes before school starts. The staff is a little lenient with having to come to school that early, but it is still strongly encouraged.
Of course, it should be a student’s responsibility to be on time to school and ready to learn, however it’s not the school’s position to punish the students for being late, especially those who are late on a very rare occasion. Students in middle school and high school should be mature enough to realize how being late affects them academically, and what type of impact that may have on their future in trying to pursue their education for good colleges. This idea should be enough of to ensure they be on time, and if not, it is their own fault and their actions will have a much larger long term result. That should be more than enough of a punishment.
The most annoying part about getting detention probably has to be waiting until after 6th period to serve it. It is really inconvenient for students that don’t have 6th period. I, personally, would much rather be late on a Monday or Friday because there isn’t any 6th period. It’s unfair to expect children to wait that whole extra period rather than go home, especially when that wait is for detention.
In addition, detention serves a real inconvenience to people that have commitments after school. Students have after school activities that they are unable to attend or have to come late to because of their being held back. It hurts people such as those on the basketball team, because if late on game days, they risk being late to their games. It hurts both them and their team. The same thing applies with students that have other obligations on the weekdays. And when the detention is served, students still have to make a trip home and do all of their work. It makes them suffer to an unnecessary degree, and it doesn’t actually change the fact that the student was late.
Although it is reasonable to be punished for being late, the way the school goes about it is completely wrong. There are much better ways of reprimanding tardiness, ways which don’t cause the great inconvenience that is currently imposed on our students.


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