by Meghan M '11

Best Actress Sparks New Group of French Haters

The internet and the entertainment sections of newspapers all over America have erupted in a frenzy of assump­tions as to what kind of a person Marion Cotillard really is. Never heard of her? That’s probably because she’s originally from Paris, France, and has only just come into the Hollywood scene be­cause of her Best Actress award for her role in the movie La Vie En Rose. Seeing as the Oscars took place on Sunday, February 4, 2008, Cotil­lard is probably about to set the record for least amount of days spent in Hollywood before acquiring her own group of haters.

Although Cotillard is usually low profile, she has caused an enormous upset not only in Hollywood but throughout America because of a in interview she took about a year ago that recently resurfaced on the internet. The website of the French magazine Marianne pub­lished the transcript of an excerpt of a television in­terview on February 16, 2007 , in which Cotillard expressed controversial views on the September 11 attacks.

In this interview, not only did she question the authenticity of the attacks, but also whether man really did walk on the moon. Needless to say, she has lost quite a lot of fans in the past few weeks.

Says Cotil­lard, “I tend rather often to take the side of the conspiracy theory…. I’m not paranoid. It’s not paranoid because I think that they lie to us about an awful lot of things: Coluche, 9/11. You can see on the internet all the films of September 11 on the conspiracy theory. It’s fascinating, even ad­dictive…”

She continued on to question Neil Armstrong’s accom­plishments, “…. did man ever walk on the moon? I have seen a lot of documentaries on that and really, I wonder. In any case, I do not believe everything they tell me. That’s for sure”.

There’s one small step into the Os­cars, and one giant leap out of Hollywood.

Simply reading Cotillard’s casual state­ments and bombarding her with insults and hate mail isn’t very hard to do, but how much harder is it for American’s to read her words with an open mind, and without thinking the worst of her for it? Apparently, much too great a feat for most. How many other celebrities believe in the conspiracies? Rosie O’Donnell comes to mind. And what about the people who actually made these films that influenced Cotillard’s opinions? Maybe Cotillard’s getting a bit too much heat for this than necessary.

So, will Cotil­lard be stripped of her Oscar for this, setting a few more records in the process? We may not have to wait too long to find out, and the rate she’s moving at.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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