by BACC Rag staff

Short Stories 3/08

BSGE’s First

Fashion Show

On March 7th BSGE students strut their stuff on spohmore, Amanda Kane’s runway. The charity fashion show was Amanda Kane’s MYP personal proj­ect and raised over $200 for childern wqith diabetes.

The second fashion show for the younger grades will take place in April.

BSGE’s Debate Team

BSGE’s Debate Team have been “beasts” in the New York debate league. On Saturday March 8th the team pull in even more wins. Darenee N. and Rudy Fuzayluv placed 2nd place. Marcelo Jimenez de Archega and his partner Erika Tannor placed 4th. Out of the 6 pairs on the debate team 4 pairs have quallified for the State level debate in Albany.

The BACC Rag Goes to Columbia Convention

On March 19th, 20th, and 21st BACC Rag staff members went to Colum­bia University in NYC for a convention on journal­ism, leadership, photogra­py and more.

Where Did the

Window Go?

The door at room 208 on the second floor is miss­ing the glass panel! The softball team sent a ball through the glass door during a routine hallway pratice session. This win­dow is prove of two things: (1) we need a gym and (2) our softball team is going to have an amzing season!


Stood Up By Councilman Eric Joya

On Friday, March 7 councilman Joya was sup­possed to visit the school. Reporters stood ready to interview him yet Mr. Joya never showed! Hopefully he’ll actually come to see us sometime soon.

The tryouts are over, roster is filled and the season for the girls softball team and the baseball team is about to be­gin. Good luck teams! Stay with The BACC Rag for more news on the teams!


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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