by Kats T '13

Book Review: Needful Things by Stephen King

This twisted
novel about a seemingly
harmless town is
a true horror story that
leaves you terrified.
Needful Things is one
of my favorite books.
Gruesome in its own
spectacular way, Stephen
King’s novel is an
amazing reminder that
things are not always
as they seem.
“‘Oh Jesus.’ He
thought dolefully. Then
he went through the
motions of feeling for
Wilma’s pulse, even
though there was a
meat-cleaver buried in
her skull. Her cheeks
and forehead were
printed with small dots
of blood. They looked
like heathen tattoos.”-
Needful Things, pg
297. This is just one
out of many examples
of King’s brilliant writing.
I was looking for
a quote to represent the
book, and this was on
the first page I opened
up to. The entire book
could be a quote- each
page is so great
The small town
of Castle Rock has
seen its share of horrors,
but nothing compared
to this. ‘Sweet’
old Mr. Gaunt owns a
store of useless knickknacks.
Only he sells
these knick-knacks
for the small price of
a tiny prank- instead
of money, Mr. Gaunt’s
customers are asked
Needful Things: The Twisted Story
of an Unforgettable Town
by Kats Tamanaha
to play small tricks on
their fellow townsfolk.
But when the tricks get
more intense, it seems
everything has gone
too far. Yet it cannot
stop, because dear Mr.
Gaunt has an item for
every person in Castle
Rock- one item whose
destined buyer will do
anything to get their
hands on.
The story follows about
10 main characters that
are connected to each
other through a web of
events and people. The
characters build upon
each other and provide
background for one
another. King follows
each character as they
progress through the
stages of hell on eartheach
being important in
their own special way.
He follows the lives
and horror stories of
those precious enough
to be chosen by Mr.
Gaunt’s items. Needful
Things shows us that a
little slip into darkness
can turn into more than
you ever dreamed.
Reading this book,
my stomach was tight
throughout the entire
story- but I was so
engrossed in the novel
that I only realized I
was tensed up when I
read the last sentence.
Needful Things is the
definition of a mustread.

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