by Daniel F '10

Boys Baseball Working on Their Sting

Who says BSGE doesn’t have sports? The
school known which originated
just six years ago,
known for serving IB standard
education, now holds
four established sports:
Boys Basketball, Girls
Basketball, Girls Softball
and Boys Baseball. While
boys and girls basketball
is now out of season,
girls softball and boys
baseball are both making
a buzz around the school
hallways, with a dramatic
increase in vocal school
Though not yet
an officially noted PSAL
team, BSGE baseball is
traveling New York City,
playing more games than
most registered PSAL
squads. Having already
played three games in
their first two weeks of
play, the Sting are sporting
a 2-2 record, defeating
LIC and Aviation in their
two wins of the season.
The first loss in BSGE
history came to ECB High
School, a well-rounded
team in Brooklyn.
Frankie Alvarez,
BSGE’s starting catcher,
was quoted after the teams
second loss of the season
against Kennedy High
School, “It’s interesting,
we won two games before
this, and scored 10 runs in
our only other loss, but at
the same time we can pat
ourselves on the back and
say this is the best game
we’ve played all season,
and we lost by 10 runs
– that’s how it works with
a team that is just getting
started”. Similar to Alvarez,
the rest of the team,
including coach Patrick
McDonald, was happy
with the performance
left out on the field thatWednesday afternoon.
Feeling confident
about their performance
in the loss to Kennedy,
BSGE rode that solid
play into a doubleheader
with Laguardia over the
Spring Break. BSGE took
both games from LGA,
winning 6-3 and 8-2, both
overpowering victories.
Game 1 (W 5-4)
The Sting, in
their first game ever,
emerged victorious, beating
LIC 5-4 in a nail-biter.
Jamal Waire started the
game for BSGE, pitching
several strong inningsbefore being replaced by
Billy Olivares who earned
the win to start the season
(1-0). Though BSGE only
notched a minimal three
hits in the game, walks
killed LIC, allowing the
Sting to score the second,
third, tying and eventually
winning run on walks
and errors. This win gave
BSGE a 1-0 start to the
season and a sense of
preparation for a well-hitting
ECB club.
Game 2 (L 10-13)
Few players on
the Sting will tell you that
they were happy with the
performance that was left
on the field in this game;
walks and errors killed
the team as they blew an
early 6-2 lead and let the
game slip away, eventually
falling to a strong-hitting
ECB Brooklyn squad,
10-13. Billy Olivares, who
earned the win just three
nights before, started the
game and pitched well,
however, lacked control
as the innings went on
and was replaced on Oren
Shafir. Shafir pitched well
and received an indecision
while Olivares earned the
loss for his (1-1) record.

Game 3 (W 8-7)
Though it wasn’t
necessarily a well-rounded
win, it was BSGE’s second
win of the season in
just three games, already a
feat few expected the expansion
team to achieve.
BSGE went back and forth
with LIC, trading runs

inning by inning. Oren
Shafir went seven strong
innings for the Sting,
going the distance and
allowing only four earned
runs. It wasn’t the happiest
clubhouse after the game,
with the team making
an extensive amount of
errors, both mental and
literal. However, those
errors were all erased with
a tremendous rally in the
bottom of the seventh inning
by the Sting. Frankie
Alvarez, who had made
several throwing errors
during the game, cleaned
up his act on the second
pitch of the at-bat, hitting
a monstrous shot over the
head of the left-fielder,
which was undoubtedly
a homerun off of the bat.
His lead-off solo shot
tied it at 8-8 and set up
the Sting for a possible
winning rally. Fridman,
BSGE’s starting first
baseman hit after Alvarez,
singling up the middle on
the third pitch of the atbat.
After stealing second
and then stealing third,
Fridman was on third
with no outs and Jonathon
Diaz at the plate. Diaz laid
down a bunt with Fridman
running on contact;
Aviation’s pitcher made

a great play getting to the
ball and threw Fridman
out of the plate. Diaz was
left on first base with 1
out and the game still tied.
Diaz, after stealing second
and taking third on a wild
pitch, was the winning run
on third base with only
1 out in the inning. The

next batter struck out and
Kris Kesoglides went to
the plate with the winning
run on third and two outs
already made. Kesoglides
struck out, however, the
third strike went past the
catcher and Kesoglides ran
to first. Aviation’s catcher
threw the ball away in an
attempt to reach first base

on the throw, and Diaz
came home as the winning
run. BSGE emerged victorious,
8-7 over Aviation.
Game 4 (L 4-14)
While the score
doesn’t show it, the Sting
played a better, solid
overall game than they

had played in the previous
three games; smarter
baseball, less errors, and
a lot more contact on the
ball. The game quickly
began in Kennedy’s favor,
as BSGE went down 1-2-3
in the top of the first and
then surrendered 4 runs
in the bottom. The first
run on BSGE’s side was
scored in the third inning,
at that point making it 6-1.
The mercy rule would be
intact by the fifth inning, a
final score of 14-4 in favor
of Kennedy High School.
Daniel Fridman started on
the mound, playing all five
innings, surrendering the
14 runs.
Game 5/6 (W – 6-3, 8-2)
After getting
trounced by Kennedy,
BSGE came back and got
back-to-back victories in
a doubleheader against
Laguardia on their home
field at Central Park.
Fridman got the start for
BSGE, throwing all seven
innings for the Sting in
the first game. He took a
no-hitter into the seventh,
however, ended up allowing
the first Laguardia hit
with 2 outs and no men
on in the bottom of the
seventh. BSGE would go
on to win the game 6-3.
The second game
saw another complete
game victory, this time by
Billy Olivares. Olivares
threw a complete 6 innings,
allowing only two
runs, one of them earned.
Back to back
complete games pitched
by Fridman and Olivares
and a solid hitting performance
gave the Sting
back to back victories and
have them posted at a 4-2
record overall.
Now sporting
a .750 winning percentage,
the Sting are playing
better baseball than many
had expected, and are
gaining a bit of popularity
throughout the school.
BSGE welcome your newest
sport; Boys Baseball
– BSGE welcome your
newest team; the BSGE


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