by Dimitri B '13

Disorganized? There’s a Tutor!

Most people are
chronically disorganized.
If you or a loved one has
suffered or is suffering from
disorganization, there is now
a cure. Gone are the days of
lugging all of your worldly
possessions in towers upon
towers of filing cabinets.
Now there are TUTORS, the
wondrous cure to everything
school-related, now specializing
in organization! “Oh, here
is my class schedule, what a
relief,” says John, age 14, a
satisfied user.
These tutors work
in the most remote reaches
of the United States, in such
distant locales such as Los
Altos, California, Sarasota,
Florida, and Bennington,
Vermont, to help disorganized
boys and girls, but mainly,
boys to put them on the right
track to being better at school.
One such tutor volunteered
herself for her current job after
learning that her own preteen
son was not turning in any
of his homework. A quick
check revealed the horrifying
cause: he was not used to just
handing in his homework, but
actually being asked to turn it
in, which was not happening
at his school.
Some tutors, who
asked that their names be kept
confidential, said that they not

only keep kids organized, but
sometimes even have to help
them manage their time and to
study. They also revealed that
they tutored boys more than
they did for girls because the
girls picked up on these practices
faster than boys did. One
unusual case a tutor encountered
was that two high school
seniors forgot to fill out basic
information on college applications.
The tutor that came
across this said, “Sorry. It is
like thinking you finished a
marathon and finding out you
have 3 miles left.” One kid
saw immediate results such as
his GPA (a wonderful science
called grade point average)
going up from 2.8 to 3.5 in
two semesters. This same kid
added, “She totally reworked
my backpack, too” of the tutor
that helped him achieve his
So if you forget
school things a lot, or have
back pains from carrying
everything that you are afraid
to lose in your backpack, or
have trouble with managing
time, or a loved one has any of
these chronic ailments, there
is now a new solution that will
help you more than anything
you have tried before: get a
tutor! For easy payments of up
to 100 dollars an hour, you can
have one of these tutors, too!

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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