by Kristen S '11

Let’s Go Sting

To my surprise,
BSGE’s small
didn’t quash the
amount of girls
that were truly
dedicated to
playing softball.
Although not
all of us have a
sports orientated
background, the
girls that are
new to softball
are really picking
it up fast due
to hard-working
atmosphere that
coachVirge forces
us to adapt to.
Even those who
initially joined only to gain
action hours now claim
that they are “completely
finished,” and have simply
grown to love the game.
Even though learning paces
are different, most girls put
in 100% of their effort to
become team players that
play their very best.
I interviewed BSGE’s softball
coach, Virge Ramos:

Q: When did you first start
playing softball? Were you
originally a baseball player?
A: “When I was about 9 or
10 years old was when I
first joined a baseball team.
Since then, it has been my
favorite sport.”
Q: How do you think that
this year’s record can be
better than last years?
A: “We are putting a lot of
effort into improving pitch

ing. We also need to learn
how to handle our mental
Q: How does this year’s
team differ from last years?
A: “This year we have a
much higher level of commitment
from the girls. The
new players have much
more experience in playing
softball. I have the benefit
of now doing less teaching
of the sport and more
practicing of it.”
Q: Do you see a promising
future season?
A: “Absolutely. If we play
together and concentrate on
our jobs as individuals and
teams, we can compete with
any other team. We can
definitely have an improved
Q: Now for the good stuff…
Why did you choose the
girls over the guys?
A: “I actually feel that girls
are more committed. I also
was an assistant manager
for the girls’ softball team
during high school, so I
have experience with the
girls and the sport as a
whole. I see softball as a
competitive sport that not
enough people really know
how to play.”


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