by Solemia G '11

Most Embarassing Moments

“I was at the mall one
day with my mom. We
were outside Afaze and
she pointed to something
really cute and I leaned
over to get a closer look
and I banged my head
against the glass wall.
I was so embarrassed
because, there was a girl
in the inside of the store
who just gave me a “are
you retarded” look. It
was horrible because, I
had to walk around the
mall with a red bump on
my head! : 9th grade
“I’m supposed to go
to math tutoring but
one Friday my friends
all wanted to go to the
mall and so did I. So I
decided to skip while,
shopping I saw a really
cute shirt I was going
to buy. I wanted to try it
one but the line for the
fitting room was kind
of long and I had to get
home so I put it on over
my T-shirt. As I checking
how I look in it I see my
mom walk into the store
and I panic and run out.
I forgot I had the shirt
on and I set the alarms
off but to top it all of my
mom turned around and
caught me!” 7th grade
“I was walking home one
day when I saw this girl
who looked like my old
friend from elementary
and she seemed to be
waving at me so I went
over to hug her. I noticed
it wasn’t her when she
said “I was waving to the
girl behind you”. I was so
embarrassed!” 10 grade
“I was at the park with
a few of my friends one
day after school. We were
playing football and just
running around, when my
best friend and I thought
we saw two of our friends
from school walking past
the park. With out thinking,
we ran towards them,
and jumped on them to
give them a hug. After we
pulled away, we realized
it wasn’t our friends from
school, but two random
strangers! My best friend
and I walked away without
saying a word, and
later on started laughing
hysterically when we
realized how ridiculously
embarrassing it all was!”
9th grade
“I was at the supermarket
one day grabbing
some junk food before
my friends came over.
I threw a bunch of stuff
into the cart and as I was
putting everything onto
the counter I saw my
friend’s mom. She came
over and started talking
and then suddenly
stopped. I didn’t know
why but she was looking
at the counter when I saw
somebody had left a pack
of condoms in the cart
and while I was paying
attention I loaded it onto
the counter! I felt myself
turn bright red!” 11th

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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