by BACC Rag staff

Movie Review: Domino

Before I begin
my review, I would like
to say a few words about
myself. My name is Idan
Menin and I am an 11th
grader here at BSGE.
My interests are music
and film, and for the past
few years I have seen
many films and continue
to do so, with the hopes
of learning from them
and one day becoming
part of the movie making
experience. For my
first review I will discuss
Domino, a film by
Tony Scott, released in
theatres in 2003, starring
Keira Knightly.
Domino is the
story of a real life bounty
hunter named “Domino
Harvey” whose life was
a series of adrenaline
filled moments and lifestyle.
What makes this
story so special is that
Domino Harvey was just
the daughter of two rich
actors living in Beverly
Hills. But Beverly Hills
life was not the life for
Domino, she begins to
rebel and make a name
for herself till the point
that she meets up and
joins a Bounty hunting
team. It is through this
team that Domino finds
the only man she’ll ever
love, a terrible mix up
with the mob and truly
makes a name for herself
as she shoots her way to
the top.
The film is done
in a series of flashbacks
as Domino sits in an
interrogation room talk-

ing with an investigator.
These flashbacks are
strengthened by the style
and cinematic display
of events throughout the
story. Tony Scott’s use
of fast edgy cuts and
almost spastic camera
movement highlight the
drugged up and wild
lifestyle of the film’s
characters. His play with
colors and eccentric
editing also conveys a
uncontrolled, awe inspiring,
irrationality to Domino.
The cinematography
is amazing and Keira
Knightly’s acting is just
as good, she is supported
by many talented actors
whos characters are just
as well developed as
hers. The plot is strong
and complimented by
the fact that the film
strongly focuses on
Domino’s character and
Overall this film
is a very good example
of a successful exploration
into unconventional
film techniques. I highly
recommend this film to
hardcore film fans or
just anyone who enjoys
a good movie. My only
warnings are that this
film was rated R and
contains nudity, sex,
drug use and violence
and if you are not allowed
to watch movies
with such content then
please respect your parents’
wishes for now and
wait till you’re older.

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