by Thomas K '10

Mr. Park No Stranger to the BSGE Community

Simon Park, the
owner of Park’s Deli on the
corner of 34th street and
36th avenue, is no stranger
to the students and faculty
of BSGE. In fact, Mr. Park
has a very good relationship
with most students, and
he knows many of them by
name. It seems that Mr. Park
has won the battle of the
Delis between Park’s Deli,
and Deli 36 across the street.
Many wonder how Mr. Park
feels about the old Deli across
the street. “The Deli across
the street doesn’t like me”
Mr. Park had told us, “ever
since I had opened, people
started to come to me”. It
seems pretty obvious that
most of BSGE’s students go
to Park’s Deli, more than the
old one. This could be due to
a variety of causes, the food,
the cleanliness, or even Mr.
Park himself. It seems to be
that students enjoy sharing a
laugh or having some-sort of
discussion with Mr. Park. “I
have moved here because of
the school and because of the
factories. There are customers
from factories that come here
almost everyday”, Mr. Park
In fact the bond between
Mr. Park and students
is very strong; Mr. Park really
admires the kids of BSGE.
“The students are nice, they
don’t steal from me, and the
10th and 11th graders are
very kind and friendly to me”.
Mr. Park’s business mostly
relies on students; he is open
specifically during the school
week, and rarely on weekends
and holidays. “I am open
Monday through Saturday, on
Saturday we are only open for
half the day”. One could say

that Mr. Park’s deli revolves
mostly around the school and
its students. When asked how
much money he makes each
day from students alone, he
told us that it was close to
$250 in addition to all of the
pedestrians that stop by or the
construction workers that buy
their coffee in the morning.
Since most teachers
have been around longer
than students at BSGE, Mr.
Park was asked if a lot of
teachers buy from his deli,
with a smile on his face and
a shrug of his shoulders, Mr.
Park responded saying “No,
teachers prefer the older Deli
across the street more. In fact,
almost 70% of teachers go
there instead of my deli”. 70
%, not a bad approximation
by Mr. Park, but he says it’s
O.K, as long as he is in business
with the students.
But what do most
of the students buy at Mr.
Parks Deli? “The students
really like bagels with butter
and with cream cheese”. Not
only does Mr. Park enjoy
serving the kids their bagels,
but he is a very generous
person, stating that he gives
students a better price than
others get. “Normally a lot of
stuff costs more for people
that don’t go to , or work in
the school, I want to give you
guys a discount on things,
usually I charge more for
items on the menu to people
outside of the school”. A
generous act on Mr. Park’s
side, as he continues to sell to
the school, from his bagels to
his snacks, its no wonder Mr.
Park, and his deli are a hit at


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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