by Alexis C '13

Obsessive Jonas Disorder

The lights
dimmed and all you
could hear was the
high-pitched screams
of teenage girls. All of
which waiting to see
their celebrity crushes,
the Jonas Brothers. The
concert had already been
going for an hour or so,
but the Jonas Brothers
had not performed yet.
However, their opening
act Rooney did. My
friends and I agreed that
after watching Rooney
play two or three songsthat
we did not know- we
wanted the Jonas Brothers
on already.
After the arena turned
pitch black, lights began
to flash all along the
stage. Then a curtain
dropped and their band
began to play the opening
to their hit song
“Year 3000.” When I
thought it could not
get any louder, smoke
started coming out from
the stage and the Jonas

Brothers came up from
the floor.
The concert went on
for about three hours,
enough time to play all
the songs from their newest
CD, “Jonas Brothers”
and some from previous
album “Its About Time.”
One of the best songs
they played was “A Little
Bit Longer” which would
be on their upcoming album.
It was written and
played by Nick Jonas on
the piano. During songs
like “A little Bit Longer”,
they added intervals
at which everyone
screamed. It reflects his
life when he realized he
had diabetes.
Nick Jonas definitely
took charge of the stage.
He over shadowed his
brothers in all aspects
of the show. He sang his
own song, played the
piano and the guitar, and
did numerous flips off
the platforms.
The most disappointing
part of the concert
was getting to meet them.
First, you had to have a
special wristband to meet
them. My friends and I
had to wait in a very long
line, which was surprising
because only VIP
people got to meet them.
When we finally got to
give them a hug and
say hi, we only had five
seconds to do so. I was
so excited to be able to
get an autograph on my
guitar, -which I lugged
around- and a picture,
but the security people
would not let us. I could
also tell that they were
up to meeting all their
fans before the concert.
Other than the meet
and greet there were
many highlights of the
concert. Since my friends
and I had sat in the aisle
of the fourteenth row we
were able to run to the
stage every time they
walked over. A lot of
people found ways of thegetting the Jonas Brothers
attention. My friends
and I would stand up on
our folding chairs until
they’d acknowledge that
we were there. Luckily
the security officers
didn’t pay much attention
to us. The friends
I brought with me,
thought the best part was
when Nick ripped off the
sleeves of his shirt.
When my friends and
I finally piled back into
our limo, we all agreed
that we didn’t want it
to end. Even though we
could barely speak and
our ears were ringing,
we enjoyed it. I went to
their concert as someone
who liked their music
but left as an obsessed
fan. You could not leave
that concert without
getting Obsessive Jonas
Disorder. If I get another
opportunity to see them
in concert, I will go in a

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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