by Kelly V '12

Teacher of the Month: Ms Sonia Silva

Name: Sonia Silva
Subject: Living Environment
and Diploma
Grade(s): 8th and 12th

1) How many years
have you been teaching
at B.S.G.E.?
This is my third year
teaching at B.S.G.E.

2) What schools have
you taught at other
then B.S.G.E.? What
did you think of
I taught at Newton
High School, which is
in Elmhurst, Queens,
for four years. I
thought that it was
a very large school.
They had over 4,500
students and a large
E.S.L. population. I
also taught at Eleanor
Roosevelt High
School, which is in
Manhattan, for one
year. I thought that it
was a small school.

3) How would you
compare the kids in
B.S.G.E. to kids in
other schools?
Kids at B.S.G.E. are
generally more prepared.
They bring
their materials to
class. They are more
conscious. Also, they
are more socially involved.
This is, in my
opinion, because of the
my knowledge and
help people grow.

9) Do you plan to be
a teacher for the rest
of your life?
Yes I do. I think that
it helps me become
a better person and it
helps me grow as an

10) What is your secret
to keeping your
class interesting?
There is no secret. I
just try the element of
surprise. I try to bring
hands-on experiments,
internet activities, and

11) Did you play any
sports when you were
in school?
Yes I did. As I said before
I was very active.
I was on a volleyball

12) Do you play any
sports now?
No, I don’t play any
sports now. I stopped
playing sports when I
started teaching.

13) What is your favorite
My favorite food is
stroganoff and my
favorite drink is guadana.

14) What’s your favorite
Flower KingCo.
international program
4) What do you think
of the kids in your
classes? Do they
misbehave or are
they generally wellbehaved?
Well, kids are kids.
They can be good and
they can be bad.

5) What is the weirdest
h.w. excuse you
have ever heard?
The weirdest homework
”My cat ate it”.

6) What schools did
you go to? (Elementary
School, Middle
School, High School,
College, etc.)
All the schools that I
attended are in Brazil.
I only attended my
masters program in the

7) What were you
considered as in
school? (popular,
nerdy, etc.)
Well, I was very
involved with sports
teams. I played sports.
I was very active; that
was my reputation.

8) Why did you become
a teacher?
I became a teacher
because I like to help
people. I believe that I
have nurturing abilities.
I want to pass on

15) Tea or Coffee?

16) Coke or Sprite?

17) What is your favorite
kind of pie?
Apple Strudel pie

18) What is your
favorite type of junk

19) Would you dye
your hair completely
No, I don’t think so.
Maybe I would do
it only for a carnival

20) Lick a homeless
man’s foot or eat 300
Um…lick a homeless
man’s foot.

21) What do you love
about yourself?
I like the fact that I
can forgive and forget

22) If you were stuck
on a deserted island
and you could only
bring 5 things with
you what would you
I would bring my bikinis,
a hammock, my
laptop, my blow dryer,
and socks.


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