by Amirah C '09

Van Gogh, Picasso and BSGE Class of 2008

of Education
Building on Queens
Borough Plaza, this
years IB Art Show
was one of the most
successful and classiest,
yet! The fantastic
and interesting
work of BSGE’s own
graduating class not
only livened up the
bland, cubicled room
their work occupied,
but also managed to
capture the attention of
dozens of students and
a few outsiders. The
room’s many cubicles
featured hundreds of
seniors’ paintings,
drawings, pottery
pieces, and everything
in between.
The gallery scene
was truly a sight to be
beheld. Many people,
including mostly
BSGE faculty and
students, their proud
parents, and a few
outsiders wandered in
the numerous cubicles,
mesmerized by much
of the artwork. Spectators
walked around
the gallery, absorbing
the pottery, sketches,
paintings, and collages,
while reading excerpts
from the students’ artist
statements. At the center
of the spacious gallery
room were three
tables’ worth of delicious
hors d’oeuvres
and jewel-toned beverages
with finely sliced
citrus fruits floating on
top. Across the room,
the dapperly-dressed
students could be
found lounging, casually
debating the perfect
cross-hatching technique
and reminiscing
of their first research
The event, which
took place on Thursday,
April 10th, even
brought former BSGE
art teacher, Tony
Campbell, out of hiatus.
“It so amazing to
see the work of my old
students. The progress
is simply amazing,”
he sputtered, unable to
contain his excitement.
He was correct as over
the past two years, the
due term for the IB art
program, the students
had been developing
their focuses and developing
skills. This was
apparent in the great
range in their work.
Unlikely mediums,
such as a ceiling fan
and even Barbie, were
used to create some of
the art, which are far
from the traditional
paintbrush and canvas.
There was also a
wide variety of themes
represented in their
work, ranging from
pregnant women
and lines, to poverty
and friends. A major,
reoccurring theme in
this year’s show was
politics. There were


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