by Maximillian C '13

Video Game Review: Viva Pinata

Viva Piñata is a
very special, unique type
of game, and it’s a SIM
(Simulation game) game by
the way. Why is it so special
and unique? Because it has
such originality in its game
play, evolving average SIM
games such as Harvest
Moon and Sims pets. In the
game, you complete many
interesting task, and must
create an incredible garden
for your piñata to survive,
thrive, and romance (breed)
in it.
I feel Viva Piñata
is an extremely entertaining,
addicting, and imaginative
game. Although the
idea of taking care of cute,
colorful, and pretty piñatas
does sound a bit queer and
childish, the game play still
is extremely good. If you
just give this game 1 hour,
you’ll realize what I mean
by addicting game play. As
soon as you start, you’ll
never want to stop playing.
That’s one of the great
things about this game. It
instantly sucks you into its
world, and you never want
to leave.
You must care for
your garden, and piñata, by
growing plants and trees,
building houses for your
piñata to live and romance
in, and attract smaller Piñata
for the larger to eat. You’ll
also have to heal sick piñata
by calling a doctor, and
prevent sour piñatas from
entering your garden and
causing problems, and talking
about problems, you’ll
also have to separate piñatas
that like to fight with each
other. If you are able to do
these things correctly, you’ll
grow more experience
points and rise levels, unlocking
new items that will
assist you in your garden,
and unlocking more, larger
After playing for a large
amount of time, you’ll probably
have to make certain
decisions, such as witch piñata
you would like to keep,
which you would like to attract,
and what it is that you
will include in your garden.
You also will probably have
to make a routine in order to
not be overwhelmed from
the large amount of responsibilities.
But fortunately
the game play never gets
repetitive, and you’ll always
enjoy yourself, discovering
new things all the time

Overall, viva
piñata is unlike most games
for its originality and game
play, which will keep you
entertained for weeks.
You’ll always be trying
to attain more incredible
piñatas, and will wish to


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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